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Delvin Bishop
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AP English 11
Little Miss Dunkirk
To even compare these two movies, you have to look and observe the nature of the two movies. “Little Miss Sunshine” is a film that portrays itself as a family friendly movie and the title aids it but, this movie is rated R. This movie is about a family learning the value of their relatives. Throughout their trials and tribulations, they all needed at least one of family member to overcome what they were going through. “Dunkirk” is a PG-13 rated movie, this is unusually obscure because most war related movie are R rated. These two movies may be about hugely separate situations they still have connections in their underlining meaning.
“Little Miss Sunshine” started out with each character giving the viewer an insight into the personality and everyday life. One of the first things I noticed while this film was the saturation with negative and positive scenes. Each scene that had a positive outcome or was just a happy instance in generally usually had a bright saturation about it, though when something negatively affected the plot the scene would switch to a ‘cooler’ color scheme. This also showed itself in the beginning scenes with characters and how’d the impact the storyline. Throughout the movie, the color schemes changed for each character representing growth and balance within each character being created. This was furthered with the main lesson of this journey the characters are going on, and that was the value of family.
In the beginning of “Little Miss Sunshine” each character has a wall built up around them. They are all emotionally closed; except the mom of course, portraying motherly instincts and care. Throughout the movie, the family depends on each other heavily to get where they want to be. This is especially tested when they lose their grandfather on the way to their destination. This brings the family even closer together showing each character how to tear down their own walls and welcome love from the others. The movie is centered around the only character oblivious to what is happening to them. She is distracted child-like wonder and insecurities representing that the only person she needs to love more is herself.
“Dunkirk” starts out with an emotionally effective scene showing the downfall of France in WWII. Tommy is alone is stranded which mostly correlates with his personality of being quiet and closed-off. Throughout this movie, Tommy meets Gibson and Alex, and that is where the real journey begins. While with Gibson and Alex they are...

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