Analyzing Opportunities For Organization Development Webster/Od Essay

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Case Review Worksheet #1
Name: Pappim Stevenson
1. Write a one paragraph summary of the case in your own words:
Northern County Legal Services (NCLS) is a non-profit organization, income based legal services, specializes in housing and employment law but also assist with almost any legal matters, including domestic violence and family law. The center accepts walk-in and appointment clients with limited equipment and space, no parking and no air-conditioning. The majority of staffs here are volunteers and law school students. Most staffs are here for a short period of time due to most students participate in the center only for one semester and competition among students is tough to receive one of the volunteer slots. The center has one director and only been here for 2 years, her main concern is funding, which is a constant issue. The center does not have enough manpower to operate the organization properly. The most importantly, management does not value the staffs neither take priority action for clients. The center faces a major problem meeting the high level of demand by clients and managing the large amount of work with minimal staff, that too not paid. There is also the added stress for high level of performance to be able to attract continuous funding for sustenance.
2. What do you think the central problem is in this case?
  The central problem is management of the center due to lack of planning leading to inadequate delegation as well as coordination and cooperation among all existing staff which becomes essential for an organization such as this. There is a general lack of planning leading to a disorderliness in the performance of routine tasks. This leads to an excessive amount of work piling up and causing constant stress, thereby impacting performance of all involved with the organization. The staffs work under unappreciated, too not paid which lead to no motivations in their duties.
3. What actions do you think an organization development practitioner should take?
An organization development practitioner should firstly tackle the lack of planning by devising a strategic plan for all the activities related to the organization. If possible, the organization should invest in more equipment, such as computers and printers to be able to digitize all the information and reco...


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