Analyzing The Relationship Between Helicopter Parenting And Academic Motivation Psychology Of Personal Development Article Summary

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Article Summary:
Analyzing the Relationship Between Helicopter Parenting and Academic Motivation
Haley Ashdown
Central Methodist University
Schiffrin, H. H., & Liss, M. (2017). The Effects of Helicopter Parenting on Academic Motivation. Journal of Child & Family Studies, 26(5), 1472-1480. doi:10.1007/s10826-017-0658-z
The purpose of the article, “The Effects of Helicopter Parenting on Academic Motivation” is to relay the results of a study conducted in order to analyze the effects of helicopter parenting on children. The potential impacts on various factors in regards to academic motivation are examined throughout, of which include motivation for learning, perfectionism, and entitlement. In the study, research was conducted by collecting data from 192 college students, as well as 121 of their mothers. Overall, the findings gathered from the children reported that maternal helicopter parenting was linked to elements such as extrinsic motivation to learn, perfectionist discrepancy, and avoidance goals for learning. All of which are typically associated with poor academic motivation, which has the likelihood to result in negative ramifications in terms of general academic achievement.
The children participants of the study consisted of undergraduates who were acquired from a small, public, liberal arts college. They were between the ages of 18 and 21, the majority of which were Caucasian females. Additionally, the mothers were mostly Caucasian and fell between the ages of 40 and 60. It is important to note that most of the mothers included in the study had a college degree or above and ranged in socioeconomic status from middle to upper-middle class. Both the child and mother participants rated measures on a scale that tested for agreement and continuity in terms of overall helicopter parenting behaviors. The results indicated that there was a positive correlation between students’ reports and mothers’ own reports of their helicopter parenting behaviors. Additionally, the students completed an achievement goal questionnaire that analyzed their goals for accomplishing academic success. The results demonstrated high levels of achievement goals, specifically mastery goals and avoidance for performance. The same participants also filled out an almost perfect scale that tested for levels of perfectionism. Across the board, the results showed high levels of high standards, exhibiting a significant correlation between perfectionist discrepancy and helicopter parenting. Also, a psychological entitlement scale was conducted, wh...


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