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Ancient Art Of Magic Essay

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GuardiaJuan David GuardiaTeacher Roberto LombardoBiology 10423 August ,2013Nature ReservesTropical Rainforests are forests that emerge in tropical regions where there is profound rainfall. It has a lot of animals and plants. Rainforests are where almost half of the animals in Earth live. They are very complex ecosystem. Tropical rainforests are located in the region of the equator where temperatures keep on close to 80 degrees year round. Rainforests obtain 160 to 400 inches of rain each year. The leading rainforests are in Brazil, located in South America, Zaire in Africa and Indonesia in South East Asia. Other tropical rainforest places are in Hawaii and the islands of the Pacific & ...view middle of the document...

Below the emergent level there is the canopy level. The canopy level is the one that is called "the sea of leaves". It contains more than half of the animals in a rainforest. The canopy layer is the one where the main life is supported with large amounts of foods and shelter over the other two layers below. This includes birds, butterflies, monkeys, parrots, the sloth, tree frogs, toucans, jaguars and leopards. It also has a lot of trees that serve as an umbrella to the other layers underneath. It has a thick branch of trees including vines or lianas and limbs. This layer absorbs the ultra-violet sunlight and absorbs it, this way everything below that layer is protected. In addition, it retains moisture and is good for "wash-outs" when there is serious rainfall during the rainy season because they prevent them.The expansive, unequal tops of these trees form a stiff, continuous canopy 60 to 90 feet higher than the ground. The branches are regularly densely enclosed with other plants like epiphytes and attached collectively with vines or the lianas.Finally, many Epiphytic Plants, who are used to be called as "air plants" such as Bromeliads and Orchids grow in this layer. The roots of this plant cannot reach the ground or live in soil. Instead they flourish by captivating humidity and nutrients through an above ground root system by connecting themselves to a host.The next level of the rainforest is the under story level. This layer is in the middle between the canopy layer and the last one which is the forest floor. This layer is also called the shrub layer. It is where there is the densest plant growth. It is like a dark place where there is no penetrable natural habitat tangled with vines, shrub and broadleaf trees; provides also ferns that do not need a lot of light.The only place where the sunlight is sufficient is the rivers and roadways and tree fall and cut areas. There the sunlight is allowed enough so the growth becomes thick and impenetrable. So, this layer provides little quantities of sunlight .It receive only two to fifteen percent of the sunlight that reaches the understory. It may be important to know that many of the plants that people have in their houses come from this layer.This layer provides a great camouflage so the species that live in here intercept with the ones in the canopy layer. Trees in this layer have an average of 12 to 15 feet in height and have really remarkable large leaves that compensate the deficiency of sunlight. The leaves are very large. The many species living in the understory layer are like for the night-time. Examples of species in this layer are tree frogs, bats, owls, and an amazing collection of insect like the well known team working "Leaf Cutter Ants" or also the "Army Ants" that are not that common, but they are really known in this layer.The last layer is the forest floor which is like the ground layer. This layer is also very dark and damp because there is almost nothing of sunlight in it. This...

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