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Ancient Civilizations Essay

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John Michoian 10/27/14Ancient civilizations have made many advances in technology, communication and social organization. They have improved modern-day life dramatically.The advances in technology made by ancient civilizations have improved life in many ways today. The Sumerians introduced the wheeled vehicle to the world. In their times, it made trading and transporting people and goods easier. Today, wheeled vehicles help us to continue with the same processes. The Hittites ...view middle of the document...

Ironworking has additionally played a great part in the industrial revolution.Ancient civilizations have also founded advances in communication that still takes a big role in society today. The Phoenicians produced the idea of an alphabet system. This alphabet system made reading and writing more straightforward because it required fewer characters to learn. Today all western languages are based on a system of alphabet. The Assyrians, ironically with their strenuous state of being, invented the library. Libraries provided them with a place to keep a great deal of information with easy accessibility and the same concept still applies for why libraries are very important today. Lastly, ancient civilizations have made extravagant advances in social organization that are still useful today. The Lydians had the idea of coined money for an economy. The money system replaced bartering and is now the basis of the world economy. The Babylonians made a not so comprehensive code of law. Hammurabi's code brought serenity throughout Mesopotamia, and laws are now expected from a functioning government.In those three aspects, modern life has been greatly affected by ancient civilizations. With props to the Sumerians, Phoenicians, Hittites, Lydians, Babylonians and the Assyrians, technology is more advanced. Communication is easier and society is more organized.

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