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Andrew Jackson is the President of the democratic breakthrough. In the political consciousness of Americans Andrew Jackson remained as the “people’s President”. My essay on Andrew Jackson is about the life of this deeply respected man.
Future seventh President of the United States was born on March 15, 1767, in the little village of South Carolina. His father was an Irishman and two years before Andrew’s birth moved with his wife Elizabeth Hutchinson and two sons to South Carolina and bought land there. Father died shortly before the birth of the youngest son. As little Andrew had to become a priest. So, he unlike his brothers was privileged to obtain in the subsequent time an education of the elementary school, which several years later was interrupted by the war for independence. Andrew and his older brother Robert went to the front and in one of the battles with the British they were captured. And both of them suffered serious head injuries. This wound became the cause of Robert's death a few months later. In the spring of 1781 Andrew was released from captivity. A few weeks later his mother dies. So tragically began the life of Andrew Jackson, who in the first 15 years of his life lost everything.
Perhaps these cruel changes that happened to him, forced him to radically change his life. He moved to Salisbury, which was in North Carolina, in order to study low in one of the most prestigious educational institutions. He has been studying there in 1784-1787. The result was the appointment of Andrew to the post of district attorney in the territory which was later called Tennessee. In 1788 he settled in the village of Nashville. That time it was almost uninhabited wild area.
Andrew Jackson married in 1791 with Rachel Donelson. At that time their family was one of the first in Tennessee. Success in the personal life was accompanied by Jackson's lawyer activity. He became the influential and wealthy planter. He did well in the public sphere also.
In 1796 he became a delegate of the constitutional Convention of the state. After Tennessee was admitted to the Union he went to Washington, to Congress, as the first Deputy of this state. Later in 1797 he became one of two senators of Tennessee. But then, not having received the mandate, he resigned and became a judge in the Supreme court of his state, having served in that position until 1804.
Political and military activity in Tennessee and Florida
In 1788, Jackson was appointed a public Prosecutor for the territory of Tennessee. When it joined the number of States, Jackson participated in the drafting of the fundamental laws of the new state (1796), and then was its representative in Congress. Abandoning public life he has hosted on his farm when England declared the war. Tennessee State entrusted him the command of the police, with the rank of major-general in 1812. As the head of 2,500 people, Jackson went down the Mississippi, defeated the Indians who were supported by the Spaniards and who rava...


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