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Mrs. Oropez
AP US History
4 November 2016
Andrew Jackson Democratic Essay Outline
Thesis: Andrew Jackson was not democratic at all due to his hunger for power, his abuse
of that power, and his selfishness and unwillingness to do what was best for the country.
A. Andrew Jackson’s hunger for power contributed to the fact that he was not democratic.
I. This selfishness is shown in a statement from the BUS to Jackson in which the US
bank states that Jackson is vetoing the bank because of ill-will and not for the
good of the country.(Document 5)
II. Jackson is shown to be careless of the natives and decides to ignore laws that
support the natives. He does this out of his inner craving to be a higher up.
(Document 8)
III. Jackson only cared about his branch of the government and wanted it to be
supreme. An example of this hunger for power is the Force Bill that he passed.
B. Secondly, Jackson’s abuse of power also contributed to the fact that he was not
IV. His hypocrisy against 2 term presidents showed his obsession of power when he
decided to run for a second term. He claimed presidents should only run for 4
V. Jackson is drawn to be a king in a political cartoon that shows Jackson stepping
on a shredded Constitution with the veto in his hand. It showed he was more of a
dictator than a president. (Document 3)
VI. Jackson abused his power with the Ind...

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