Andrew Jackson's Principals And Supremacy Of The Federal Government

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After dominating the election of 1828, and securing his rightful presidency from John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson entered office, to be known as ‘the champion of the common man.’ Highly esteemed for his humble, and somewhat impecunious beginnings, Jackson worked his way up to become general, bring the United States to triumph in the Battle of New Orleans, and, although delayed, become the seventh president of the United States. Jackson was anticipated to have a fruitful, successful, and dynamic presidency, for having been able to truly connect to the common man. However, with the help of his eager supporters, the rule that Jackson had over the federal government proved to be not only bigoted, but temperamental as well, from the removal of Native Americans from the United States, to the sudden veto to recharter the country’s bank.As the discovery of gold down south emerged, the state of Georgia decided that they no longer wanted the Cherokee Native American tribe on this land, although it was indeed their rightful territory. Contradictory to their expected savage ways, the Cherokee tribe took the state of Georgia to court, in order to befittingly and lawfully secure their land. John Marshall, the Chief Justice of the United States, ruled in favor of the Cherokee tribe, stating that Georgia has no right to force the Native Americans off of their land. Jackson, whom wholeheartedly despised Native Americans, disliked the verdict Marshall had put into effect, but challenged the chief justice saying, “John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it.” Not possessing of the federal power Jackson obtained, there was no possible way in which Marshall could actually enforce his verdict. Jackson then completely ignored the court sentence, and issued the Indian Removal Act of 1830, sending seven thousand troops down to Georgia, coercively pushing the Cherokee Native Americans westward, ultimately becoming the tragic Trail of Tears, in which thousands of Cherokees perished along the grueling trail to the tribal land in which Jackson had specified. Convincing the country that this was beneficial for the people, no one could or could have wanted to object. Due to a personal severe hatred of Native Americans, Jackson used his presidency to carry out an act which would satisfy him, deeming presidency full of bigot, and inconsistency.Andrew Jackson not only imposed his power upon the Native Americans, but he as well proved that there was no option when it came to his authority towards the states. Having some unreasonably high tariffs issued, one state, South Carolina, decided that they had the right to declare it void, and not have to pay it. Jackson however, disagreed, and did not appreciate the state of South Carolina, and his own vice president, John Calhoun, undermining his presidential authority. In 1833, he issued the Force Bill, sending a military troop to South Carolina, to enforce the tariff on the state. Once again, Jackson took a state dilemma to personal terms, irrationally authorizing military force to ensure that his political wants were to be carried out. Because of his political reign over the federal government, no one dared to demur with Jackson, demonstrating the unfairness and inconsistency that occurred during his presidency.Somewhat obsessing over the concept of the common people, Jackson did have good intentions when it came to the welfare of the common people, but however, did not know how to go about expressing his empathy. Developing a dislike towards the Second Bank of the United States, Jackson vigorously worked to abrogate it. Claiming that it served the purpose to make the rich even richer, and that it was only beneficial to northern states, and not southern or western states, Jackson even personified the bank, claiming, “The Bank is trying to kill me, but I will kill it!” Because Jackson came from meager beginnings, he felt that the bank was only propitious towards the wealthy, a concept that he did not and would not approve of. After vetoing the bank’s 1832 recharter, Jackson was successful in destroying the bank. Although earlier oppressing the south to pay his tariff, he claimed that his annihilation of the bank was indeed for the people of the south, since this was said not be beneficial to them. Proving that he was inconsistent and temperamental, Jackson continued to use his power over the federal government to make some personal based political decisions.Through this immense support of his fervent cohorts, Jackson was able to shape his own political party, the Democrats, placing them into office with the use of his Spoils System, half whom either immediately agreed with him, and half whom would not dare disagree. Because of the power he held over the federal government, Jackson was able to make some bigoted, unfair, and inconsistent decisions, based on his own personal experience and preferences.BIBLIOGRAPHY citationKennedy, David M. American pageant a history of the Republic. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2002. Print.


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