Angels And Demons Fighting Against Each Other In A Mildly Descriptive Story Class Narrative

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Angel’s vs demons/ heaven and Australia
In our world as we know it, two worlds between myth and legend exist. The world of demons and the world of angels. I’m one of the angels and I’ve been fighting in an endless war that has been going on for centuries, this war is the war between the angels and the fallen ones known as demons. The demons are the root of evil; they spread it all over the world and it’s our job to stop them. Recently the demons have been winning, they have destroyed more than one thousand lives in half a year, more than usual, so God has sent me and a squadron of angels to come down to earth. Right now my squadron and I are battling five Abigors in the deserts of Australia. if you don’t know what Abigors are they are plain warrior demons that can be dangerous in a pack. The Abigors are pouncing at us squirting gallons of oil and gas at us and then lighting it with their fire breath. The air smelled like rotting flesh as the gas surrounded us then a flicker of light soon turned into a burst of flames swallowing me and the others. the fire disappears and I look towards my troops but they were turned to ash I let out one tear that fell from my face onto the ground then I remember the good times we had and then I fill with rage, and go to the first Abigor I see and then it calls for its friends but it’s too late I grab it by the neck and rip its head off dark black rivers of blood crawl down its body forming a puddle of despair on the ground, then the rest of them come for me. One after the other I kill them until I get to the leader I grab him and stab him in the heart he tries to burn my face with fire but I move to the side and blood bursts out of his mouth erupting like a volcano and then he fell to the ground dead.
It has been a year since my troops died and I ripped the Abigors to pieces. I am back in heaven to channel my anger and to make sure I don’t have another one of my evil fits, everyone says god can get rid of them but god wants me to get rid of it myself. So I have been taken to a training arena with Abigor shaped dolls everywhere when I see them I puke on the ground remembering the blood shed I caused but I have to get over it. My mentor told me to sit in front of them and meditate but I can’t help but look at them with their black beady eyes that stare straight...

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