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Animal Cruelty Essay

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"Animal leads Human cruelty a of behaviors to from to brutal Studies that cruelty lead more forms crime, heavy use, outbursts, most cold murder. studies psychology, and during last years demonstrated violent frequently childhood adolescent of and animal A page goes the Animal says cruelty by officers, unintentional and be through (3) was shocked I this Anyone puts animals' in hands, a to You just to him/her, forget show love it intentional, get much though. people just to their or them they're and them, and these creatures, what me to stomach, that of people it fun!! recently across link a page contained online to a killers justice maximum This the I on brutal of innocent "On 10, a female ...view middle of the document...

" I these I disgusted, down sickened the that men to institutionalized locked It's me think they and capable doing a being. FBI reports animal in the potential suspected known criminals. Randall vice of Initiatives The Society the States, "Researchers, well the and law agencies have animal to violence, abuse, killings, to recent rash killings school-age I yet web listing reports police files. was These a excerpts that Weston tortured killed cats, burning, their paws, off, toxic in eyes, them, them eat hanging from the loose to a and death, the cat/kitten to itself the gets with attempt. killed officers our Capitol." Dahmer to animals learned in Later dissected and their parts the Murdered men." "On 21, in Oregon; Kip set live on and the creature the street town. walked his high cafeteria opened on classmates. classmates killed 22 injured, critically. that police his shot death their to multiple Luke age wrote his journal he an beat, and his Sparkle, death. said was beauty." poured fuel his throat set to neck, inside outside. 10/1/1977, stabbed mother and went his school he and two "" girls 16 17, injured others. June Woodham found of murders seven of assault. was to life sentences an 20 for assault." "The Killer, as unnamed boy Japan, a andstrangled...

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