Animal Farm Characters Paper

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Animal Farm Profiles
Lizzie and Sharmila
Character: Snowball
Quote Characteristic Explanation
Pg 9:
'Snowball was a more vivacious pig than Napoleon' Lively/energetic/inventive /resourceful Snowball is more sociable and energetic than Napoleon Pg 9:
'Quicker in speech'
Snowball is witty and creative Pg 26:
'Snowball, who had studied. .. every animal was at his post' Assertive Snowball is a leader, he has initiative and he is assertive.

Pg 33:
'He was closeted there for hours at a time.' Obsessive/Passionate Snowball was locked away for long periods of time which shows that Snowball was obsessing over his plans but is also passionate about it and wants to make sure it happens.

Pg 15:
'Then Snowball (for it was Snowball who was best at writing)' Intelligent/Eloquent Snowball is very intelligent. He leads the other animals often and knows how to read and write best. Being intelligent is also why Snowball's ideas are the ones stolen.

Pg 54:
'Snowball fought bravely at the Battle of the Cowshed' Confident Snowball knew exactly what he wanted and fought for the whole farm at the battle. It shows that Snowball is selfless. He also knew how to stand up for himself. He didn't care it he would die just knew that it had to be done.

Theme: Death (and Destruction)
Quote Type and Victim Explanation Pg 27:
' A Sheep dropped dead' Pg 28+29:
' There was also. .. on the dead sheep' Death of Sheep A sheep died at the Battle of the Cowshed. He was awarded Animal Hero Second Class for his bravery.

Pg 27:
'His very first blow. .. lifeless in the mud' Pg 27+28:
'Boxer was pawing with his hoof. .. him over. The boy did not stir.' Pg 28:
'He is dead'
Death of Stable-lad from Foxwood Boxer kicked a stable-lad at the battle of the cowshed, but forgot he was wearing iron shoes and he accidentally killed the boy. At least this is what Boxer thought, but it turned out that he was only stunned.

Pg 47:
'The Windmill was in ruins' Destruction of the Windmill There was a terrible storm one night in November that led to the windmill that the animals had worked so hard on being destroyed.

Pg 83:
'he had died in the hospital at Willingdon' Death of Boxer Boxer had been taken and a few days later died. He lifted his trotter and wiped a tear from his face in his last moments with Squealer standing by his side.

Pg 72:
'the drinking of alcohol was to be punished by death.' Punishment of Death Napoleon said that if anyone was to drink alcohol their punishment would be death. This is the consequence if this commandment was not followed.

Pg 15:
'No animal shall kill one another' Commandment This is one of the 7 commandments and is meant to be followed at all costs. Later on this rule changes and is used to manipulate and confuse the other animals.

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