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Animal Rights Essay

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The Animal-Rights Movement has been a concern of many Americans in present day society, especially those in the medical profession. Many scientists agree that the Animal-Rights Movement severely limits the capability of scientists to test new medical procedures and drugs on animals, which will stall the advancement of medical technology. Both the Wall Street Journal and Ron Kline have produced written documents speaking out about the consequences of the Animal-Rights Movement. The Wall Street Journal Article and Ron Kline's Article state that the uses of animals for science have resulted in scientific breakthroughs, however, they differ greatly on what should be done with the existence and ...view middle of the document...

Both Kline and the Wall Street Journal Article put up a good argument about the positives of animal research. Many scientists argue the fact that diseases such as polio, cancers, ect have become more curable and treatable because of the use of animals in medical research. The Wall Street Journal agrees with this and states "polio, drug addiction, cystic fibroid, most vaccines, and antibiotics, pacemakers, cancer, Alzheimer, surgicaltechnique-its hard to identify many breakthrough's in medical progress that don't depend on research using high animals forms"(419). The Wall Street Journal Article attributes responsibility to animal research for almost all medical advancement. Likewise, Kline believes that animal research is responsible for many of the present day's medical techniques and also believes that animal research is necessary for any further advancement. Animal Research seems to be an extremely necessary part of the medical world, and many positive outcomes have occurred because of it. Unlike in the past, we have some of the best medical care out there which is constantly evolving and becoming even more advancement because of the research done on animals.The Wall Street Journal and Ron Kline disagree though on the possibility of banning the Animal-Rights Movement. The Wall Street Journal Article would like for the Animal-Rights Movement to be banned. It states that no matter how much scientists comply, the animal-rights activists will never be satisfied. Furthermore, it also states that it would like for all...

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