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The Animal-Rights Movement has been a concern of many Americans in present day society, especially those in the medical profession. Many scientists agree that the Animal-Rights Movement severely limits the capability of scientists to test new medical procedures and drugs on animals, which will stall the advancement of medical technology. Both the Wall Street Journal and Ron Kline have produced written documents speaking out about the consequences of the Animal-Rights Movement. The Wall Street Journal Article and Ron Kline's Article state that the uses of animals for science have resulted in scientific breakthroughs, however, they differ greatly on what should be done with the existence ...view middle of the document...

Both Kline and the Wall Street Journal Article put up a good argument about the positives of animal research. Many scientists argue the fact that diseases such as polio, cancers, ect have become more curable and treatable because of the use of animals in medical research. The Wall Street Journal agrees with this and states "polio, drug addiction, cystic fibroid, most vaccines, and antibiotics, pacemakers, cancer, Alzheimer, surgicaltechnique-its hard to identify many breakthrough's in medical progress that don't depend on research using high animals forms"(419). The Wall Street Journal Article attributes responsibility to animal research for almost all medical advancement. Likewise, Kline believes that animal research is responsible for many of the present day's medical techniques and also believes that animal research is necessary for any further advancement. Animal Research seems to be an extremely necessary part of the medical world, and many positive outcomes have occurred because of it. Unlike in the past, we have some of the best medical care out there which is constantly evolving and becoming even more advancement because of the research done on animals.The Wall Street Journal and Ron Kline disagree though on the possibility of banning the Animal-Rights Movement. The Wall Street Journal Article would like for the Animal-Rights Movement to be banned. It states that no matter how much scientists comply, the animal-rights activists will never be satisfied. Furthermore, it also states that it would like for ...


"Animals Have No Say". This Essay Is About Animal Rights

3813 words - 16 pages weeks and no one wanted her, my mother finally let me keep her. Animal cruelty is against the law; therefore people must treat animals with kindness and respect.According to the website entitled "All Creatures Animal Rights: Our Philosophy", All of God's creatures have rights. This is a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. Human beings and animals are both God's creatures, so they both must have rights. Animal rights are the concept of

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563 words - 3 pages intelligence and thus their rights must be protected by eliminating unnecessary animal testing. Aside from the cruelty of animal testing, there is no real advantage to test on animals rather than alternative methods. Animal anatomy is similar but not homologous to human anatomy. Therefore, testing on animals provides no real results for human study. The human body is much more complex than that of a mouse or any other animal. As mammals, humans

Animal Testing Should be Illegal - Moscow - Research

987 words - 4 pages before they die. Animals have rights just like humans, but their rights always get broken. When animals are about to die they are not usually not euthanized like they’re suppose to. Some creatures are forced to eat or drink substances, and then are killed so scientist can examine their lungs. Scientist who research animals can build a sanctuary for the animals that do survive their extremely painful experiments. It’s rare that an animal used in

Against animal testing

403 words - 2 pages To some humans, animals are just there for experimentation. Scientists test various new products and lethal drugs on animals. A new animal rights law has made scientists reduce the number of and release some of the animals that were found by the Animal Rights Department. The law requires no fatal drugs or new products are to be tested on animals. There are many experimenters across the world that the Animal Rights Department are trying to

Animal testing should be banned - Mackillop CRC Werribee - English - Essay

833 words - 4 pages monkeys, showed that they were horrendously abusive, and did not contribute to the understanding of a human’s mental illness, NIH agreed that they were not scientifically used and ended using infant monkeys for experiments. All tests that involves animals is wasting the lives that they have by living cages in laboratories waiting when they will see actual light. Even though animal testing is unethical, the animals being tested on have no rights

Animal Abuse Essay

5011 words - 21 pages animal abuse is.Next, is the second topic that will be discussed is the number of animals abused in a year. This topic will discuss animals that are abused by owners, scientifically, for entertainment, and also the wildlife animals. From the web site on the article Animal Rights on companion animals it states that "6 to 8 Million Dogs and Cats: Every year, 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters, and 3 to 4 million shelter dogs and

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510 words - 3 pages 2 Animal Needs More Rights and Care Kaila M. Kindle ENG 115- English Composition Professor Dr. Ronnie Davis December 7, 2018 When you look at that nice cooked meat on your plate, do you ever wonder how that meat was handled before it came your dinner? Federal Laws need to become, stricter on the way animals are taken care of because they deserve a better way of live, unhealthy living scenarios, and people are unaware on how the animals were

Reflection on “Animal Farm” by George Orwell - University/ Political Science - Essay

786 words - 4 pages Free Animal Farm appropriately exposes how governments exploit and deny citizens of their basic rights. While the animals are united under the banner of exploitation by Mr. Jones, at the beginning, and succeed on the revolution campaign, later the new leader Napoleon turns to be worse that Mr. Jones. Napoleon employs propaganda to intimidate those who question the abuse of animal rights. Napoleon is also represented as a totalitarian, one who uses

The Use Of Animals In Medical Research

1134 words - 5 pages beings because of the longer life span of humans.Researchers use animals to learn more about common animal and human disorders. Animals contribute to the growing fund of knowledge about genetics, psychology, and neurology. They are providing valuable in their contributions to the fields of mental illness, drug addiction, and senility.Animal rights advocates challenge the use of animals in research, arguing that besides being inhumane, it is

Zoos: prisons or santuaries? Zoos are just another prison

459 words - 2 pages well by their keepers. There are many zoos all over the world were the conditions are so unhygienic that they are illegal according to animal rights. Often a times animals are left to starve and the sick left to die.It comes in scientific reports that animals that are kept in zoos over a length of time are not able to adapt to their own habitats when set free as their living conditions are not at all like their natural conditions. Also animals are

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847 words - 4 pages Morton Abbie Morton Baldwin ERWC English 12 30 January 2018 Animal Rights Whether animals have feelings and emotions has been a conversation the human race has been having for decades. Do pigs really care if they are stuffed into compact cages, unable to move around freely, until they are inevitably sent to a slaughter house in order to feed our covetous mouths? Are alluring, exotic animals such as the orcas at Seaworld bothered about the fact

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1599 words - 7 pages , there is a push by animal rights activists to that same effect. Until the 20 th century, there was little or no concern for the welfare of zoo animals. It was not until the late 1970s and early 1980s that the appearance of zoos began to change to reflect the public opinion; this transition took place as people were educated about the true conditions endured by zoo animals. Currently, the public image of zoos is changing through methods ranging from

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431 words - 2 pages . “Hiding from Animals”, talked about observing animal behavior without humans being involved, to see if the animal’s behavior will change. But on the other side, “Tracking Ivory” talked about how human activities are affecting the population of animals, and trading ivory and hunting are killing elephants. Macdonald and Christy agree in their care and love for animals. I believe that the earth is not only for humans, we live with other creatures and they share the earth with us and they have the rights to use the earth resources as we do. The difference is that we have the ability and power to change things on earth.

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582 words - 3 pages . Firstly, one method to changing society is that you can find an issue that is happening and understanding an approach of that problem. Whether it is recycling or littering something can de done to bring change. An example of this is seeing that animal shelter businesses are beginning to lose money and are not raising enough to take care of the pets. A good approach on this would be having a fundraiser to raise funds for a animal shelter

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2154 words - 9 pages because white American southerners denied black people the chance vote as they found ways around the 15th amendment. This left black people with little hope in ever proceeding in the long road to equality. However, there were also areas, mainly in the north where black voters elected black representatives and senators, which meant that they had a bit more freedom and felt more like a human rather than an animal with no rights. It can also be debated