Animal Testing For Or Against It Eng Paper

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Briannah Barratt
October 13, 2015
Animal Testing for or Against it ?
Animals are so belittled that they are harmed or killed for human benefits, like cosmetics testing or just for scientific curiosity. Animal testing has helped find cures for small diseases but the pain and suffering of these animals are what we tend to ignore. "Traditional animal testing are expensive, time-consuming uses a lot of animals and from a scientific perspective the results do not necessarily translate to humans"(Dr.Christopher P.Austin). The majority of our scientific research has been done and discovered by the use of animal testing. This was done a long time ago when we did not understand the human body. Without animal testing as cruel as it sounds, we would not have the cures for some small disease or infections like chicken pox or polio. But, this is the 21st century we have enough, if not more scientific knowledge to not need the use of animals for our scientific researches. ''How useful are such experiments in advancing human healthcare? How much do animals suffer as a result?'' ( Andrew Knight).
I understand that without scientist testing animals we would not have the cures for small disease that we have today. But, the use of animal testing should be stop because NOW we do have alternative options that are more accurate options in obtaining research. For example using test tubes to test methods and models using human cells and tissue cultures, or non-invasive imaging techniques like MRI's or CT scans. This shows that we do not need the use of animals to gain (scientific) information, there are better ways to obtain information without the harming of animals. ''Further proof of this came on Wednesday with news in the journal Nature that a drug to fight Ebola had showed remarkable success when tested in rhesus monkeys'' (Frankie. L Trull). One thing is that when finding a cure for a disease or infection of some sort scientist or doctors forget that they are trying to find a cure for humans and that one solution doesn’t work for all. Scientist already found a cure for the cancer within a mice but the same technique didn’t work on humans. ''Another common argument by critics is that animal models rarely lead to discoveries that are relevant to humans'' (Frankie. L Trull). Many researches that have been tested my animals have not been approved or used in public consumption. This is just one of the negative aspects of testing on animals because they died in vain, and their were no useful benefits that came out of those animals deaths to humans.
Animals nor humans are machines, researchers tend to forget to appreciate their other qualities.They seem to forget that animals do have emotions, and they can engage in genuine social relationships.''Both laboratory animals and people have the ability to suffer when afflicted by diseases, or when subjected to laboratory environments or procedures''(Andrew Knight). You know why? It's beca...


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