Animal Testing Should Be Illegal Moscow Research

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Leo Armendariz
Mrs. Dance
ELA 9/3rd Hour
21 March 2016
Animal Testing In Medical Research Should Be Illegal
Animals are being killed every day due to research in cosmetics, medicine, and other human products. Drugs we get from animal testing are extremely dangerous to both animals and humans. Creatures used in medical labs get treated poorly. What happens to animals after they are done with their research? There are other options, which are more successful in testing medicines, than killing animals to research medicine. God didn’t create all these animals just so we could kill them and destroy their homes.
“94% of medications passed through animal testing fail in working on humans (n.p, 12 Oct. 2015)”. “The United States National Institutes of Health has an annual budget of 31 billion dollars and they spend $14 billion on animal research (Capaldo, 06 June, 2014)”. “A research showed that from 15,000 drugs which were marketed after animal testing, about 12,000 were withdrawn (n.p, n.d.)”. Humans don’t realize that animal testing isn’t as accurate in medication than they think it is. “The Pharmaceutical drug was supposed to cure humans, but the only thing it did was put 1.5 million people in the hospital (Dunnuck, n.d)”. Scientists make people believe that testing on animals will cure and save many lives. An estimation of 85 HIV vaccines passed through animal testing, failed in human trials. Mostly all the drugs tested on animals have a side effect or safety issues once humans use them. “The anatomic, metabolic, and cellular differences between animals and humans make animals poor models for human beings. (Minniti, n.d,)”. Humans are not 70 kg rat; therefore, animals shouldn’t be used to test human drugs.
It is known, that “95% of animals that are used in experiments are not protected by the AWA (n.p, 2016)”. Animals are being killed and tortured for human medication. Millions of creatures are being imprisoned each year. Scientists perform very dangerous procedures on animals and also use very toxic chemicals on them. When animals are in the labs, they are forced to eat, sleep, keep their eyes opened, inhale toxic fumes, and that’s not even half of what they have to do. “The US Department of Agriculture, reported in 2010 that 97,123 animals suffered pain during experiments while being given no anesthesia for relief (n.p, n.d.)”. “Not only do animals die in research, but also get abused during the entire process (Overton, 2006.)”. “They are confined to empty cages for hours at a time and caused social isolation, and psychological trauma (n.p, 2016.)”. Scientists sometimes use a paralyzing agent, but don’t watch the animal’s vital signs and the creature could be having extreme pain and not being able to move. Put yourself in their shoes; I don’t think you would want people controlling your life and having to die without an option. It’s not just cruel, but also morally wrong and we know that.
“Animals who are used in research either ...


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