Animals Need More Rights And Care Strayer Unversity Stance

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Animal Needs More Rights and Care
Kaila M. Kindle
ENG 115- English Composition
Professor Dr. Ronnie Davis
December 7, 2018
When you look at that nice cooked meat on your plate, do you ever wonder how that meat was handled before it came your dinner?
Federal Laws need to become, stricter on the way animals are taken care of because they deserve a better way of live, unhealthy living scenarios, and people are unaware on how the animals were treated before slaughter.
they deserve a better way of live
Everyone, an animal is equal, at least be equal. Just like humans, animals feel emotions, loved and wanted. Mistreatment maybe caused on how they live. If they are raised to be eaten, does not mean they should be treated that way. Animals are a part of the humankind lifestyle, whether we like or not. Every family and farm have animals that they care for and they're treated like one of the family members. Every animal should be treated like they're apart of the family no matter the animal.
unhealthy living scenarios
For instants, chickens have battery cages, which makes them have unnatural behaviors. That is not a healthy living arrangement and should never be consider one. The poor animals sit, stand and live in their own urine bowel moments, which is very unsanitary. Would you like to live like that? Without animals, we would not be able to survive. would you prefer clean and healthy meat or meat that mistaken care of? I know I would not, like meat that was not prope...


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431 words - 2 pages . “Hiding from Animals”, talked about observing animal behavior without humans being involved, to see if the animal’s behavior will change. But on the other side, “Tracking Ivory” talked about how human activities are affecting the population of animals, and trading ivory and hunting are killing elephants. Macdonald and Christy agree in their care and love for animals. I believe that the earth is not only for humans, we live with other creatures and they share the earth with us and they have the rights to use the earth resources as we do. The difference is that we have the ability and power to change things on earth.

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1179 words - 5 pages in 2004 because it caused 60,000 plus deaths in the U.S. Just like humans when we stress results are different from when we care more relaxed. Animals results can change from all the stress of being confined in a lab and it can contaminate the results. Stress can change the speed of the heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, muscular activity, and hormone levels and it can also negatively impact the work the animal is trying/forced to provide

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5011 words - 21 pages animal abuse is.Next, is the second topic that will be discussed is the number of animals abused in a year. This topic will discuss animals that are abused by owners, scientifically, for entertainment, and also the wildlife animals. From the web site on the article Animal Rights on companion animals it states that "6 to 8 Million Dogs and Cats: Every year, 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters, and 3 to 4 million shelter dogs and