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How Anne Changes Throughout The Book
In Anne Frank’s ​Diary Of A Young Girl​, Anne’s character begins to develop and
change over time. Anne changed in many ways over the two years she was writing her
diary, physically and mentally. Some of these changes can be described as “growth” as
she begins to mature. She starts to become smart, clever, and very observant of human
nature, and she became a very practiced and well-educated writer. Many of her diary
entries suggest a mind mature past her years, and we forget we are reading the work of
a teenager. Within two years, we can see her grow up as we read more and more of her
diary. To see how Anne changes, we need to talk about her personality at the beginning
in of the book.
As anyone who has read Anne's diary knows, Anne was incredibly gifted, both as
a writer and as a person of great sensitivity. She was optimistic, bright, innocent,
curious, and creative. She was also a moody, sensitive young woman who could
occasionally be mean to those around her, even though she tries not to be. She could
feel things deeply, sense the feelings of others and put all into her diary. Anne's
personality sparkles and shines on every page of the diary — whether Anne is in the
heights of ecstasy over her budding relationship with Peter Van Daan or whether she is
in the depths of despair over the grim realities of her life in hiding; whether she is
describing the constant irritation of being confined to the house and having to live at
such close quarters with people whom she dislikes, or whether she is confessing her
feelings toward her parents and her sister.
A few months after she turns fourteen her mind starts to mature. She calmed
down her anger. She reduced her quarrels with Mrs.Van Daan. She also started to
realize how harsh she was to her mother and her mother's love for Anne and started
loving her back. She stops fighting with Peter ...

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