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Lauren Hogan
Ms. Richardson
Advanced Composition
16 March 2018
Annotated Bibliography: Nuclear War
“Dropping the bomb.” Nation, vol. 305, no. 11, 30 Oct. 2017, pp. 3-4
One of the most terrifying things in the world is the thought of a nuclear war happening right here in the United States. Nuclear weapons are extremely common in the world today, and the use of them is a major threat that citizens live with. The author portrays the quick growth of nuclear weapons all over the world. The U.S. has many programs dedicated to eliminating the hazard of nuclear weapons being used. Following the most recent presidential election, the threat of a nuclear war has increased. Kim Jong-un of North Korea and the president, Donald Trump, have repeatedly threatened “a sea of fire” and “power the likes of which this world has never been seen before.” Not only has North Korea placed a threat on the U.S., but one on Japan as well. The ICAN, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, group is working hard to keep the world at peace by ensuring that Trump’s ability to launch a nuclear first strike without congressional authorization is eliminated, while also making efforts to reinforce the restriction of the use of nuclear weapons by any country. Although many countries, including the U.S., support the efforts of ICAN, the question still remains: Will this completely get rid of the threat of a nuclear war, or will the threat always be present? Due to the lack of an author’s name, it is undetermined on whether he/she is credible. Although the author is not credible, the article itself is very informative on the serious dangers of nuclear war here in the U.S and on what is being done to control it, making it great for further research.
MacKenzie, Debora. “Can We Stop the North Korean Nuclear Threat?” New Scientist, vol. 235, no. 3134, 15 July 2017, p. 25
In the world today, citizens have to live with the possibility of a nuclear war breaking out at any time. Some people choose to ignore the possibility of this actually happening because the distress chaos it would cause is unimaginable. Many people believe that the threat of a nuclear war is just a rumor, or that Trump and Kim Jong-un just use the threat to scare each other. Lately there has been word that North Korea has been testing an ICBM (an intercontinental ballistic missile) which can supposedly strike much more than a normal missile and cause a global threat. Although North Korea has “scared” the U.S. with the idea of them having an ICBM, there are m...


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