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Explain sustainability. What is it?
Sustainability is to able to maintain life and resources used in our daily lives for future uses. It also teaches us to preserve non-renewable resources as long as we can because it would run out eventually. Things that we might not have access to in the future includes coal, oil and natural gas. To help keep these resources as long as possible it would be helpful to start using renewable resources such as the wind, geothermal and solar energy as they could naturally be replaced. To be able to maintain our resources it would make a difference if there are less forests being removed, recycling and using sustainable energy such as solar panels.
What are some ways that forests impact your daily life?
Forests plays a key role in our lives, they provide us with resources that we use in our daily lives. There a plenty of trees in our forests that are cut down to make furniture that we work on, sit on etc… Forests also give mass amount of the oxygen that we breathe, it turns our carbon into a healthier air which means better health, without these forests we would not have much air to breathe to survive. Forests also impacts our learning at school, we need paper to be able to take notes and revise to help us learn and forests provides our paper we need for that.
How much of the worlds original forest cover has been lost in the past 50 years?
Our Earth’s surface is covered with 31% of forests. In the past 50 years may forests have been destroyed but in the 1990s many forests were removed and 16million hectares of forests were destroyed each year. The forests destroyed decreased to 2.3 million hectares per year
Define Deforestation in your own words.
Deforestation is when forests or huge amounts of tree has been destroyed or cleared. The clear these forests for agriculture, building space or using the wood as resource (or to sell).
Why does deforestation occur?
Deforestation takes place due to many different reasons. One as being agriculture, they need to clear these forests for the space to grow crops. They also do this...


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