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Literature Circle Self-Assessment Rubric YOUR SCORE __12___/12
Lit Circle Objective: Increase our understanding of texts through meaningful, interpretive and evaluative analysis, discussion, and presentation.
Indicate your role: Discussion Director/Questioner Line Illuminator Connector Researcher
*When assessing yourself, please highlight or underline the details below that describe your performance today. And DON’T FORGET to put your total at top!
Rubric Score
Role Fulfillment
· Completes role tasks independently and on time
· Tasks are thoroughly and thoughtfully done demonstrating and extension of the role
· Demonstrates understanding of the text and scholarly insight/interpretation
· Clearly addresses all parts of role
· Provides relevant and insightful textual evidence to all responses
· Completes role tasks independently and on time
· Tasks are thoroughly and thoughtfully done with genuine effort
· Attempts to demonstrate understanding and/or interpretation of text
· Clearly addresses most parts of role
· Provides relevant textual evidence
· Partially completes role tasks on time
· Tasks are done with minimal effort, completed bare minimum
· Little development of responses to show understanding of text
· Incompletely addresses parts of role
· Little text evidence
· Role tasks are not completed on time
· No genuine effort made
· No development of responses
· No relevant evidence
· Has assigned reading completed on schedule with completed notes; completed reading with purpose and engagement
· Has assigned reading completed on schedule; notes partially completed; disengaged readin...

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