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Ap English Essay On Okenfenokee Swamp

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Wildlife, proof of the abundance of nature, bland creatures who only wish to live, live another day. On the other hand, Animals fierce, ferocious beasts in a desperate race for survival, willing to trick and steal, to cheat and kill just to experience another day in their miserable lives. Like beings out of a freakish circus or a hellish zoo, these creatures will do anything to survive. In both passages, the authors try relating their views on the swamp to us. While one does it in a way that is informative but surely bland because it comprises for pure fact, ...view middle of the document...

The words chosen by him are all chosen for their denotative meanings. For example, the word exotic is meant to mean rare and diverse is used such that it means different kinds. Passage two on the other hand, is filled withAbraham 2syntactic devices that provide that essence such that truly exists in the swamp. Both passages have generally the same content but Passage one sticks to the point and comes right out with it instead of beating around the bush while Passage two is designed so as to impress the reader. For example in Passage one it ways that the swamp covers more than 600 miles, while in Passage two it says “fanning out over 430,000 leaf-choked acres”. The purpose of Passage one is to inform, not to impress while the purpose of passage two is to intrigue us. The first sentence of Passage one says “Okefenokee Swamp, primitive swamp and wildlife refuge…” while Passage two describes the swamp with words like “Vast and primeval”, “unfathomable”, “unconquerable” etc. This in itself shows that all the author of passage one is interested is in cold, hard facts. His intent is not in pleasure but in information.

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