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Assignment 5.08
Does every religion have the potential to become a global religion? Or are some religions
destined to remain local?
“‘[Globalization can be defined as a process of an “ever more interdependent world’
where ‘political, economic, social, and cultural relationships are not restricted to territorial
boundaries or to state actors,’ globalization has much do with its impact on
cultures.”(Golebiewski, 2014)
Every religion has the potential become a global religion. As technological
advancements take place and industries/companies rise, more opportunity becomes available
for people to record significant parts of religion and migrate to other areas to spread. Therefore,
the potential is there for every religion to become a global religion. In the past, religions and
cultures were local to particular areas only because migration wasn’t common and
documentarians did not travel often to unknown areas. If these areas did have access in the
past to spread, then such religions would have spread a long time ago.
To begin with, technology plays a major role in every sector of our lives. It serves as a
personal assistant that caters to each of our unique needs and helps us have control/discover
our inner selves. Technology is also a vital resource that aids people in discovering the
unknown. For those who’ve never been to a far off land apart from their own nation, technology
connects everyone everywhere (Juergensmeyer, 2006). A great example of technology helping
foreigners adopt new religions is that of an oriental Asian doctor adopting Islam after
researching the true benefits of fasting during the month of Ramadan. The doctor immediately
converted to Islam after analyzing the beneficial effects this has on the human body - something
already stated in the Holy Quran. A personal experience with technology that made me confirm
that technology is a great way for any religion to reach global stage is when I was researching
the cultural practices in an area close to my hometown in India. I have never been to this part of
town, however my parents were closely acquainted with the area. Since a school project relied
on research in this area, I was able to find significant documents and articles regarding a
religious practice in the area. This recollection proved to me that religion does have the potential
to be globally aware.
Migration is another factor that plays a big role in spreading religion. Although some
religions are thought to be restricted to certain areas, people who follow those religious
principles and have moved out are a great source to find information from (Juergensmeyer,
2006). If such migrants are open to sharing religious practices and principles to larger masses,
then more people will be aware of such existences and share until it is globally known.
Looking around the world, there are religious places of worship that are not even close
to local for that area. There are mosques and temples in the western hemisphere, even though

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