AP World History Myans And Aztecs - AP World History - Homework Assignment

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Lindie Holt Ms. Seiden
12/7/18 HGN22X-01
Chapter 12
1. Describe Chinese intellectual accomplishments during this period.
Emperor Yang of the Sui wanted a quicker and more efficient way of transporting grain to his capital city at
Beijing. He also needed to supply his army that guarded northern China from the Mongols. The Grand Canal
allowed for this to happen. Eventually gunpowder came into the picture. At first gunpowder was just used as
fireworks, and it took a while for the Chinese to realize that gunpowder could be used in war. The first big
weapon for warfare that evolved out of gunpowder was the cannon. Another accomplishment during this period
was the compass, which was later used for navigation by the Song Dynasty.
Chapter 13
2. Make a social hierarchy chart of Japanese Feudalism and identify each social group.
4. How was Sinification imposed on Korea and how did it affect the social development of the
Sinification was largely limited in Korea to the elite, who monopolized most political offices and dominated
social life. During the restoration of Chinese civilization, the Sui dynasty attempted unsuccessfully to reconquer
Korea. Soon afterward the more powerful Tang Dynasty was able to conquer Korea but they found ruling it a
much more difficult affair. Their authority in Korea was challenged by constant revolts. Finally, the Tang
emperor struck a deal with the Silla kingdom of Korea. They agreed to remove all military forces from Korea if
the Silla would become vassals of the Tang dynasty and make regular tribute payments. Even with the Chinese
as their overlords, the Koreans learned that this relation with China was very much to their benefit. Emissaries
traveling to China with tribute payments returned with gains of greater value borrowed directly from the
Chinese court.
Chapter 14
3. How did Mongol rule influence the social, political, economic and cultural aspects of Europe, the
Muslim world and China?
Reports of the Mongol attacks terrified Europe. The Mongols increased their empire using swift and decisive
attacks with an armed and disciplined cavalry. They wiped out the populations of some entire towns that
resisted as was their usual policy depopulating some regions and confiscating the crops and livestock from
others. This type of total warfare spread panic even among Europeans not directly affected by the Mongol
onslaught and sent refugees fleeing westward. Impact of the conquest was not even but in general the absence
of direct Mongol rule meant Mongols were less influenced or assimilated into Russian life. Russians adopted
Mongol way of life in respect of weapons, diplomatic rituals, court practices, taxation and milit...

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