Apple I Phone 8 Essay Video Review Done By Nigahiga Rhetoric Essay

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Marriam Saeed
Kristin Riley
RHET 1302
08 March 2018
The Apple iPhone 8: All Talk?
In our world today, we are overtaken by technology and gadgets, but one electronic that
almost everyone seems to be holding in the palm of their hand is the iPhone. Now, the iPhone as
we know it comes in many shapes and sizes and colors with multiple unique features to go along
with the “i-Something” line. The spoof video created by youtuber who goes by the name
“nigahiga” regarding the then-future iPhone 8 pokes fun at the Apple company in a satirical
manner for adding so many unnecessary features to the iPhone along the years and turning it into
a franchise. The video pinpoints the device itself, as well as the compatible tools a user would
need to operate the device to its full capabilities, and of course the most controversial part of the
device: the pricing. This humorous spoof although intended to be just a joke, does voice the
concerns of many iPhone and Apple product users around the world. This essay will touch on the
rhetorical values portrayed throughout the video as well as the events leading up to the making of
the video.
The technological world has advanced at an alarming rate through the past decade,
mostly thanks to a man named Steve Jobs, also known more popularly as the creator and founder
of Apple Incorporated. When Jobs first took the world by storm it was through his invention
called the Mac computer, but his most popular invention, the iPhone, was a game changer.
Though the iPhone was one of its kind, many other competitors created similar smartphones in
hopes to overtake the cell phone market. Fast forward to the passing of Jobs who was the
creative director of the company which led to the more unnecessary features being added to the
This spoof starts out just like your normal advertisement when it comes to the iPhone,
showing off its sleek trendy look and the Apple logo on the back. This picturization appeals to
the ethos because it seems credible to the viewer in the way that it is presented. The video starts
with a preview of the logo with the poop emoji and the words “Introducing iFhone 8”. This
introduction is similar to those of the previous iPhones that have been launched and makes it
seem all too real. The video has a very cool music style that seems consistent throughout the
video even while the “Apple representative” is speaking of the phone. The video quickly cuts
into nigahiga mentioning and somewhat mocking how the previous iPhone was disappointing for
some because it was the same as the iPhone 6 so they added another camera to make it different.
In fact, he goes on to say that they added four different cameras in a very sarcastic tone but also
making it relateable for the average consumer because Apple’s new versions of the iPhone have
been made fun of and questioned. The introduction to this video also sets the tone for pathos
because it makes the audience feel the sense of mockery and false excitement that...

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