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Application 10.1 And 10.3 Organizational Development

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Application 10.1 - Motivating Change in the Sexual Violence Prevention Unit of Minnesota's Health Department (Page 168 of Text). After reading the case:Summarize the case in your own words, andBriefly explain five key insights you gathered about generating commitment to change.The Sexual Violence Unit of Minnesota's Health Department decided to undertake a 5 year strategic planning effort to address the primary prevention of sexual violence. There are 2 main reasons for the development of the plan. Firstly, the Centers for Disease Control identified sexual violence as a key health issue and it is providing grants to various states for the development of primary prevention plans. Secondly, ...view middle of the document...

In generating commitment to change organizations must create a readiness for change within the organization (Sensitize the organization to pressures for change, Identify gaps between actual and desired states and Convey credible positive expectations for change) and also successfully overcome resistance to such change (Provide empathy and support and Communicate).The commitment to change shown in the case can be represented by the actions of the steering committee.The creation of the steering committee, as an internal effort to reinforce commitment to the change process, a steering committee was formed. It consisted of project leaders from the health department, the OD consultants, and six community members. This committee was in control of identifying and recruiting other internal and external stakeholders to participate in the planning process.The steering committee also served as advisors to the OD consultants on selecting the best forum to conduct the planning, reviewing draft agendas, and providing feedback on plan drafts.They were asked to organize two meetings as well as provide input on plans and written reports virtually.All of the steering committee members were volunteers recruited by the project leaders and OD consultants after the initial interviews.The community members of the committee were chosen not only because of their expertise and history in the field, locally and nationally, but because they had good process skills. Another criterion for participation was diversity. It was important that this group include members who could speak for underrepresented groups, such as Native American, Hispanic, African American, and youth segments.Application 10. 3 - Developing Political Support for the Strategic Planning Project in the Sexual Violence Prevention Unit. After reading the case:Summarize the case in your own words, andBriefly explain five key insights you gathered about developing political support for a change project.The steering committee interviewed representatives from various stakeholder groups, coalitions, and state agencies. The results of the interviews suggested (1) a need for broad involvement, especially from underrepresented groups, such as communities of colour, immigrant communities, gay and lesbian groups, and youth and (2) a desire among those involved to move from a period of dialogue and education toward taking collective action. In recruiting stakeholders to the effort, the steering group decided on a two day strategic planning retreat. The Unit Administrator for the Minnesota area compiled a list of top candidates active in the field of sexual violence prevention, while the steering group gave feedback on the list to include a diverse and comprehensive group of 80 members. The selected invitees were contacted via email by the Health Unit Director to best capture the interest of the stakeholders. Additionally, the steering committee personally encouraged individuals they knew to attend. Owing to the...

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