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It was the real life applications of applied science that persuaded the government to invest more funding into the national science foundation. Science based technology was crucial, it was during the invention of the atomic bomb, radar and penicillin that president Bush declared 'scientific progress essential' If he hadn't seen the real life applications of science through these scientific breakthroughs the funding would not have increased. Before the national science foundation was set up, the national union of scientific workers and agriculture secretary requested more funding they stated that their ...view middle of the document...

At the end of the day the funding for the national science foundation comes primarily from the tax payers, and these people have the right to see their money being used to help make their life's easier, or help find cures for diseases that could potentially be fatal to them or the people they love. Any research that comes from the tax payers money should somehow benefit and improve the society they live in.Basic research is still somewhat important and it provides a foundation for applied research to build on but essentially there should be more emphasis and focus on applied research since it affects us, our society and the world we live in.Applied science is important for technological development especially in industrial settings, which is something that's very important in today's society. This kind of research can tremendously benefit the economy of countries through improving agricultures, inventing technology that can make difficult manual labors easier to carry out.Need to focus on finding solutions to real world problems, this should be a priority.Basic research is carried out to study a general phenomenon, a process, or an activity of nature. Sometimes it is called pure re- search, and it may be abstract or theoretical. The basic research is not usually directly applicable to real-world projects, but the applied research is able to use the understanding gained form the basic research to solve real problems.

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