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Applying Adult Learning Theory Through A Character Analysis

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Applying Adult Learning Theory through a Character AnalysisIn Alice Walker's (1982) novel The Color Purple, many of the characters transform from one type of character to another. The protagonist, Miss Celie, morphs ...view middle of the document...

Knowles is credited with being a fundamental influence in the development of the Humanist Learning Theory and the use of learner constructed contracts or plans to guide learning experiences. Knowles' theory is more focused on "man-leading to distinguish from pedagogy or "child-leading". There are six (6) assumptions of adult learning motivation: (1) Adults need to know the reason for learning something (Need to Know), (2) Experience (including error) provides the basis for learning activities (Foundation), (3) Adults need to be responsible for their decisions on education; involvement in the planning and evaluation of their instruction (Self-concept), (4) Adults are most interested in learning subjects having immediate relevance to their work and/or personal lives (Readiness), (5) Adult learning is problem-centered rather than content-oriented (Orientation), and (6) Adults respond better to internal versus external motivators (Motivation), (Knowles, 1968). Next Burrhus Frederic Skinner was an American psychologist, author, inventor, advocate for social reform, and poet. Skinner suggests five principles to remedy main obstacles to learning. They are (1) Give the learner immediate feedback, (2) Break down the task into small steps, (3) Repeat the directions as many times as possible, (4) Work from the most simple to the most complex task, and (5) Give positive reinforcement. Of the two theorists referenced Knowles motivation of adult learning better reflects the transition of Sofia from a brazen, blunt, and self-aggrandizing woman; to a contrite, humbled, and self-effacing person at the end of the novel. Sofia from the onset of both the novel and the film has a continual need to know: (1) why Celie accepted abuse from her husband, (2) why blacks allowed whites to dominate them, and (3) why women needed to subordinate themselves to men - some who are weaker than women. Next, her experiences contributed to her development. She stated that the men in her life -father and brothers - beat her during young life. This dysfunctional upbringing provided the foundation for her relations to other people (e.g., Celie, Harpo, her husband, and Miss Mille)....

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