Applying Past Knowledge To New Situations

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Of the many skills humans possess, the Habits of Mind are the ones humans need the most. When confronted with problems, humans tend to use habits of mind to overcome difficult situations. Though there are various resourceful Habits of Mind, applying past knowledge to new situations is one of the most vital.As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” Being one of the greatest authors of all ti ...view middle of the document...

As Emerson said, “life is a succession of lessons.” Humans live their lives everyday learning, changing, and even adapting to the circumstances and problems they encounter. By learning lessons in our everyday lives, we are able to grow and apply our past knowledge to new situations. This may include trying new things or solving problems that we have never seen before. In chemistry, applying what you already know is an essential skill needed to succeed. If you are faced with a problem you have never seen before, you must be able to use all your past knowledge and the lessons you learned from previous problems to answer the new ones you encounter. For example, if you learned about the positive and negative charges of a magnet and why opposite poles attract, you should be able to use that knowledge of magnets to answer problems such as why certain atoms stick together at certain places. Though these are two very different problems, the concepts are essentially the same. By living your life as a succession of lessons, you may truly be able to achieve things you never thought possible.Bibliography“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood by Ralph Waldo Emerson” QuoteWorld. 2008.


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532 words - 3 pages stars. He remembered what they looked like from his bedroom window.(54)” Edwards goal was to see the stars again. As Edward’s story went on, he faced many different situations that made him witness his lowest and highest points in life and learn and experience many things. that shows children that life has its ups and downs, and you will keep experiencing different situations and things that will teach you lessons and make you grow your knowledge

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483 words - 2 pages Free to the right. My future involves the aspect of physics everywhere. In the careers I’m looking into, aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering, physics is the past, present and future for those careers. Learning physics will benefit my future while leading me to the future. Through focused study of physics, applying them to my goals will be valuable to my career options and my future education.

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1423 words - 6 pages within the Applying International Trade Concepts Simulation.The Applying International Trade Concepts Simulation through the University of Phoenix web site allows the user to experience control over different situations that impact different countries and their trading (University of Phoenix, n.d.). The simulation puts the user as the Trade Representative who reports to the president of Rodamia as an advisor. The first portion of the simulation is

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905 words - 4 pages question and it more responsive to context. · Schaie’s theory regards the goals of mental activity- the shift from acquiring knowledge to using it. · Achieving stage (early adulthood) is when people adapt their cognitive skills to particular situations: job, marriage, childbearing, that affect long-term goals. Now they are applying knowledge to real life problems. These are problems that don’t have a single right solution. How a person negotiates

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1061 words - 5 pages each student. Bloom's Taxonomy provides clear and concise building blocks, and addresses seven levels to measure in order to gauge student comprehension, far different from the busy work of crossword puzzles and copying information from a textbook. A student shows mastery of a subject when he/she can use higher level thinking, progressively, by remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating from the new information they

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587 words - 3 pages saw those green beans, I immediately passed on them and had a different side. That’s just one of many examples where I’ve used memory as one of my main avenues of discovery, and I think it can be applied to many situations since we can earn from our memories & past experiences. Personal knowledge can become shared knowledge in many different forms. For example, any author that’s ever written an autobiography about themselves or their life are

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3578 words - 15 pages Free thinking enables the student to be conscious of assumptions and generalities that have been created about the matter in the past. Furthermore, the student enables himself to produce new ideas instead of merely writing on what already is available. Therefore, critical thinking is relevant in academic writing. In a busy society nowadays, reasonably minor, repetitive, or unexciting choices usually don't need employing a great deal of time or energy since

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626 words - 3 pages with heart and pliancy anyone can achieve their goals regardless of their circumstances or the past they originated. Ultimately, coping with difficult situations made me who I am today. The way I handled these issues gave me the mental strength to look for the silver lining in my problems. My choice to keep a positive perspective on my struggles has kept me motivated, and I am certain of my success in the world because of these qualities. Especially

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1083 words - 5 pages Modern day business is more competitive than ever and success of one's business is boiled down to one thing, outsmarting the competitors. This is where a management team comes into play. In order to stay on the top, creativity and innovation are used to bring new plans for new ideas. "Applying fresh ideas is the most basic type of management planning while other organizations remain faithful to knowledge management, enterprising systems, and re

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3648 words - 15 pages communication is consistent and uniform.Before this job, I worked for three years as a Marketing Manager at a consultant company in international business. Based on my previous experience in marketing, I thought that I understood the expectations of my new position at CL. According to the model of Peter Senge (1994), I quickly ascended the ladder of inference and the element that mostly affected my decision-making process was my personal social identity

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2433 words - 10 pages up or even comes to an end. Working independently also requires knowledge of Finance when recording taxes and Law when dealing with legal issues. By having this multi-skill set, it prepares me for when Plan A may not go as first hoped for. As someone who is constantly thinking up new business ideas, I'm confident that I will have something to fall back on. As someone who's studied both Law and Finance, I've developed a keen interest in both

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853 words - 4 pages not only affected themselves but other employees at those organizations.1. People applying for jobs are always motivated to display themselves in the best light, and as a result, this can sometimes lead to inaccurate portrayals of abilities, skills, experiences, and personality. Based upon what you have read in this chapter, how should you approach a job applicant's written application and resume if your goal is to make sure that they accurately

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1742 words - 7 pages . In addition to this, experiences faced are not meant to be buried in the past. Simultaneously, experiences can be the past, present and future. It is referred to the past as it will allow leaders to reflect and discover new insights, and this will enable the leader to dodge bullets in current situations. It is referred to as the present as it will allow re-examination of past experiences to learn new lessons. It is referred to as the future as it

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3271 words - 14 pages employees with little experience ready to back them up. However companies that have recognized this are educating their workforce, offering programmes that help develop talent that can work together, sharing knowledge learned from experience and past mistakes, to helping all share the new technology that our younger workforce brings with them.Finally many businesses benefit enormously from the diversity and variety of their workforce. The richer

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1627 words - 7 pages , memory strategies can allow individuals to DO TRAINING PROGRAMS IMPROVE COGNITIVE ABILITIES? 6 maximize their cognitive performance across different disciplines and become flexible in applying their learned knowledge to display far transfer in more complex tasks. In conclusion, according to many recent research studies, there is more and more evidence refuting the alleged effectiveness of brain training programs. Although they can help