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Questions facing the nation after the War/ Reconstruction...
How will the South rebuild (after war destruction & slaves freed)?
How would free blacks compare to free men and women?
How would Southern states reintegrate with the Union?
Who would control the reconstruction process?
How should states and leaders be handled? Punished? Forgiven?
Conditions in the South after the war...
- Banks & Businesses shut down
- Factories out of work
- transportation system broken
- Agriculture no longer successful due to freed slaves
Freedman's Bureau
March 3, 1865
Created by Congress
provided food, clothing, education, and medical care to freed slaves
EDUCATION- blacks wanted to be smart like whites and wanted to read Word of God
Property- local admi. swindled slaves into signing contracts to work for former masters
Problems facing the newly emancipated slaved after the war...
freed slaved were unskilled, uneducated, with no money or property
Oliver O. Howard
in-charge of Freedman's Bureau
Union general
President Andrew Johnson
Strengths & Weaknesses
- self-made and started from nothing
- speaking
- intellegent
"10 percent" Reconstruction
a state could reintegrate into the Union when 10% of its voters in the presidential election of 1860 took the Oath of Allegiance to the US and abide by emancipation
forgiving plan
Plans for Reconstruction...
1864: 10% Proposal (Lincoln)
1865: Johnson's Version of 10% Proposal
1866: 10% Plan with 14th Amendment (Congress)
1867: Military Reconstruction 14th amendment + 15th Amendment (Congress)
Wade-Davis Bill
required 50% of state's voters to take the oath of allegiance and demanded stronger protection form emancipation to be readmitted into the Union
What caused 10% plan crashing with Wade-Davis Bill?
differences between president and congress
Black Codes
After Civil War
laws designed to regulate affairs of emancipated blacks
-ensured steady work force
-Blacks signed contracts to work for low wages for same employer for 1 year (chased down is escaped)
- Blacks couldn't serve on jury or vote
Mississippi passed first followed by other Southern states
What is Reconstruction?
attempt to achieve national reunification and reconciliation after the Civil War and improve status of former slaves
-rebuild South and bring them back into the Union

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