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Why are environmental impacts like that described in the Aral Sea becoming more common in the world? (10 Marks)
The shrinking of the Aral Sea is considered one of the most dramatic examples of a natural area destroyed by human activities.
For many years the use of water for irrigation and heavy use of insecticides and pesticides has brought not only the ecological, economic and social insecurity to the resident population, but also majorly affected human health. The biggest problem is in the impacts on health and wellbeing of the local population and the ecological balance in the region.
Around the world the water level in our water bodies in constantly rising or decreasing, in most areas at alarming rates. Dramatic environmental degradation has occurred due to areas being mismanaged by humans, thereby leading to various problems.
One of the largest environmental problem of the oceans drying up is the irrigation of crops. River water around the world is intercepted for agricultural purposes, before it can reach the sea. Large scale irrigation projects which take away too much water from the sea have affected local economies around the world. Plenty of fishermen have lost their livelihoods. The large fish canning factories along the rivers hardly catch any fish anymore.
Drying up of oceans has left heavily saline (salty) seabed exposed. This is now being blown away by frequent winds. Deserts are forming. There is degradation of ecosystems in the deltas and water bodies are getting polluted.
Pesticides used by the agriculture sector is mostly toxic and this creates high risks of health problems...


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