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Are Modern War Movies Better? Essay

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War movies have always been a favorite of American men, who love to sit back and watch someone else do the dirty work, blood, gore and destruction are a much loved by most men. Old war movies and new war movies have quite a few similarities in that they are both based on historical happenings, they equally show what happened during war, by the same token they show respect for rank and likewise showed how soldiers became brothers. Old or new war movies commonly show the basic facts of war, how we won or lost a battle. Much is to be learned from war movies regarding military tactics and mistakes made as well as how to avoid those mistakes again.The contrast in these movies comes when we look ...view middle of the document...

The few deaths we did see the men would grasp themselves and fall to the ground. It was virtually unheard of to see realistic blood or gore.Modern war movies display this in a much different light. The deaths are full of blood and gore, the men literally are blasted off the ship, the planes attacking the ships look real, and the destruction of the ships is evident in the fires and blasts. According to Colonel Moore "Hollywood got it wrong every damn time". (We Were Soldiers Documentary). In "We Were Soldiers" Colonel Moore shows us precisely what happened and how violent war truly is. The film depicts the nobility of soldiers under fire, their loyalty to one another and the uncommon valor of those they left at home.In the old war movies such as, "The Longest Day", we see the enemy as being weak or stupid. We see them as having a pathetic chain of command and of the officers being lazy or bored. We see ourselves as being strong, vital, and ready to take command of the enemy and anything they hold.The dissimilarity of this in the newer movies is that we are made to hate the enemy for being strong and successful in battles. We are disgusted at his treatment of the Americans during the war. We almost come to fear him and his evil ways. The enemy is made to be strong and full of valor and courage, he is shown to have the same...

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