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Are Totalitarian Governments Fair? Essay

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Throughout history, there are many examples of people turning to autocratic leaders to solve problems their countries have encountered. Citizens often give up their rights to these totalitarian governments and then find their human rights abused with a variety of controlling laws.Totalitarian states have different goals. However, all totalitarian states share 3 of the same characteristics. They are to take total centralized state control over every aspect of political, public, and private life.Totalitarian governments are not fair, just, political system. Some students at Orange High School participated in a game that the teacher called “the string game”. In this game, the teacher ...view middle of the document...

Dictators have always been around, hopefully though, this will not continue forever. Most of the worst dictators are dead now, like Stalin and Hitler, but there are still many modern day dictators who exist. One of these men is Fidel Castro, leading Cuba. Fidel Castro has ruled for a total of 44 years so far, and it does not seem like the people are willing to do what would need to be done to get rid of him.If we were given a choice of living in a democratic state or living in a totalitarian state, most of us would rather choose to live in a democratic state. This is because in a democratic state, people are given many rights. Some basic rights are freedom of speech, expression, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and association, right to equal protection of the law, and right to due process and fair trial. In a totalitarian state, many citizens don’t have any of this. There is a possibility that there would be more racism and unequal rights. For example, Hitler separated the Jews from other people. They either got put into concentration camps or killed if they got caught talking bad about Hitler. Many non-Jew people would come beet up Jews and rob them but cops wouldn’t even care. How ever, if cops saw a non-Jew person get beet up by any one else or even a Jew, they would make a big deal out of it.The basis of totalitarian system lied in a mass-terror that was introduced by secret services and, in communism, by informers collaborating with the apparatus. Many historians as well as people, who have lived in totalitarian countries, think that those countries could not exist without terror, that the terror was the main force sustaining the system. In Germany, Hitler’s idea and political program were socially accepted. Hitler gained his positions in a democratic way. People accepted some limitations...

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