Are We Destroying Our Environment Wr121 Essay

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Phung Dang
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WR 121
Are we destroying our environment?
In the article “Air Pollution Continues to Be a Serious Problem” by Ed. Louise, he states that “Unhealthy air remains a threat to the lives and health of millions of people in the United States”. Recently, air pollution is the biggest problem that faced by many countries around the world, especially advanced countries like the United States, China. The air pollution is the addition poison to our fresh atmosphere which causes damaging to our natural environment, humans’ breath and the quality of life. Air pollution doesn’t not only affect human and environment, but it’s also damaging the whole ecological system, any other living organisms. Releasing smoke into the air, lacking of oxygen and breaking the ozone level are the main factors that cause air pollution. However, I strongly believe that planting more trees is the necessary thing that we have to do in order to have a clean and fresh environment.
Transportation plays a very important role in America today and automobile is the most common transport for American people. Cars have been the easiest, fastest transportation over the years; people can go anywhere on land with a car, but there are some disadvantages of it. Automobiles are the main cause of air pollution because when a car’s engine is running, several different types of gases and particles released that can have a big effects on the environment. Cars release a lot of carbon dioxide from the tailpipe; for instance, about 22 pounds of carbon dioxide are produced by burning a gallon of diesel fuel. According to Dusty, he states that “ gas operations have industrialized the western landscape, punching thousands of wells on pristine lands, injecting toxic chemicals, consuming millions of gallons of water, clawing out pits for their hazardous waste and slashing the ground for sprawling road networks. Every well carries with it the potential for serious environmental degradation.” Similarity, trees also have a big impact on air quality, human health or animal’s survival. However, forest fire is one of the most common problems of the environment these days and it’s another major cause of the air pollution. For example, trees are being cut down for industrial reasons and a lot of factories are replac...


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