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Guiding Questions
Iron Curtain Speech
1. Sourcing: Who was Winston Churchill? Why would Americans trust what he has to say about
the Soviet Union?
Winston Churchill was a British politician, army officer, and writer, who served as Prime Minister
of the United Kingdom.They would trust what he had to say because he was the leader of
Britain and Britain was allied with the United States.
2. Close reading: What does Churchill claim that the Soviet Union wanted?
Churchill claims that the Soviet Union desired the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of
their power and doctrines.
Truman Doctrine
1. Close reading: Why did Truman believe Greece needed American aid in 1947?
They were facing terrorists lead by communist ideals and needed the money to state itself.
2. Context: What does Truman mean when he claims, “Should we fail to aid Greece and Turkey
in this fateful hour, the effect will be far reaching to the West as well as to the East”?
The west would see that it is possible to take the country and convert it into communist.
3. Close reading: Does Truman present American policy as offensive or defensive? What words
or phrases does Truman use to present policy this way?
Truman present American policy as defensive some phrase he uses are “endanger the peace of
the world”.
Record your first hypothesis: Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War - the
United States or the Soviet Union?
The Uni...

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