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Kimberly Nguyen
In both sources, the authors utilized various devices to not only form, but strengthen their arguments as well. While Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote/spoke about very different subjects, the two both made use of techniques such as unifying diction and persuasive usage of bias and stereotypes. The way that Stanton and Roosevelt appealed to the audience was rather powerful, showcasing passion and urgency in their tones. By doing this, the audience they are targeting is not only compelled to listen but support their claims as well.
To effectively build solid arguments, Franklin D. Roosevelt expressed his thoughts using unifying phrases and word choice. This can be seen when Roosevelt repeatedly uses "us" and "our" such as when he states, " As Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense" (Roosevelt 1941). By using "our" instead of "your" or excluding the pronoun altogether, Roosevelt evokes a form of patriotism in the reader. Unifying language forms a connection between author and audience, linking the two and putting the author in a position that is alike the reader's. This intimate tie, in conjunction with the patriotism portrayed in the speech, forces a feeling of responsibility onto the audience and a sense of duty to do what is right for the country. By using such language, Roosevelt strengthens the points and arguments developed in his speech.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, on the other hand, persuasively uses biased diction to build her...

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