Argument Essay For English Class English102 Argument Essay

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Rachel Steve
Professor Grudzinski
English 102
18 September 2018
Argument Paper about The Chrysanthemums and The Necklace
Reading “The Chrysanthemums” and “The Necklace” there was one story that I liked a whole lot more than the other one. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion on just about everything in life. I’ll go ahead and share what my opinion of both “The Chrysanthemums” and “The Necklace” are.
Let’s start with “The Chrysanthemums” first thing. When I started reading this story I thought that it was going to be a very interesting story that draws you in until the end. However, I do admit that it started really well and the characters seemed interesting but the actual story seemed like it was going nowhere. Are the chrysanthemums supposed to symbolize something? Maybe Elisa is so good with the chrysanthemums because they are like children to her? Or maybe since her life isn’t amazing she grows these beautiful chrysanthemums making her feel really good about herself.
I get confused as the story goes on. Elisa seems to flirt with this random man that comes up to her house. At first not wanting his help but then giving in. After getting ready for dinner and leaving the house with her husband she sees something and begins to cry. The story never exactly explains what she sees or why it would make her weep. There seems to be...


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1510 words - 7 pages , inductive arguments only attempt to give arguers plausible support for their conclusions. Unlike deductive arguments, inductive arguments could only tell you if the premises are true, then the conclusions are presumably true. When the conclusion to an inductive argument is possibly true, it’s called a strong argument. When inductive arguments that are strong have premises which are true, it is, therefore, a cogent argument. Modus ponens is Latin

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