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Taylor Sarkees
Professor Lewis
English 112
Imagine having the urge to consume alcohol on daily basis. All you can think about is when you're first drink of the day is going to be. Would you enjoy having that feeling every day? Alcoholism is a major disease in America today where people consume little too large amounts a day. Although it's not a physical disease, it is a mental illness. According to Hayley R. Mitchell, “Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence syndrome, is a disease characterized by cravings, loss of control, physical dependence, and a need for more and more alcohol.” This illness affects incessant people and needs a way to prevent it. Since alcoholism is a major illness in today's society, it needs to be presented to help people live a healthier life.
Alcoholism can increase your chances of health problems and is known to cause heart damage. As many people consume alcohol most people do not understand that risk you are doing to your body. For example, multiple studies have shown an increased risk of breast cancer for women who drink even as little as one glass of alcohol per day, leading some researchers to conclude that when it comes to breast cancer, any level of consumption can be considered unsafe (Ohlson). In the article “Alcohol in Moderation: How Many Drinks Is That?” states that “Moderate alcohol use may be of most benefit if you have existing risk factors for heart disease.” When considering drinking there are different things to consider. In the article “Is the Party Over? The Latest Research on the Pros and Cons of Drinking Alcohol.” they state that
“Some experts recommend keeping our health profile and history in mind as we decide how much to drink. Young women with a family history of breast cancer might decide to keep their consumption very low or abstain completely. Middle-aged men with a family history of heart disease or dementia, on the other hand, might continue their evening cocktail or glass of wine with dinner with a clear conscience” (Ohlson).
As people love to consume their drinks as it is causing damage to your organs such as your liver. It’s almost that you are killing yourself slowly without even knowing. Due to the alcohol, it tears away the different things in your body which help it work. This means that by drinking alcohol can and is known for causing damage to your body.
There are some benefits of drinking alcohol such as heart diseases, diabetes, and some others. Most people would agree that there are no benefits of drinking alcohol, although there are studies shown that when consuming the right amount, it can benefit your health. According to alcohol researcher Eric Rimm, Sc.D., of Harvard's School of Public Health, "about 50 randomized studies show that when consumed in moderation, alcohol increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL or 'good') cholesterol and decreases blood clotting and insulin resistance—all of which should reduce the risk of heart disea...


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