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Ibarria 1
Iris Ibarria
English 101
Professor Mott
January 29, 2018
“Video Game Violence“
The action of violence is no stranger to the human world. There are many bad
Influences but one that I believe is harmful to the human brain is video game violence.
Speaking of video game violence, parents should be more aware and people themselves too.
Violent video games can have an effect on young children as well as someone’s life. Also, let’s
not forget to blame the people who made these violent video games.
Parents of today need to be more aware and responsible about the type of video games
they are purchasing for their children. When it comes to purchasing a new video game, many
parents fail to check the ratings of the game their child wants. The kid wants the game, so the
parent gives it to them thinking that by doing that, it will keep a “happy family”. Unfortunately,
what most parents never realize, is that the content of the game is not suitable for young children.
This is what makes parents question their child's aggressiveness towards them. They don't realize
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that the content of the video games they are purchasing for their child is what may be causing
them to act aggressive towards them. Most parents believe that the video games isn't the source
of the problems they're having with their child because to them it is simply just a video game. If
parents were to simply look at the rating of the box of that one Halo, or Call of Duty game, then
maybe they would realize so much about their child's bad behaviour.
As a matter of fact, It has been proven that there are significant changes that occur in the
brain while the person is engaged in playing video games. Researchers have proven that those
who play the violent video games show less activity in areas that involve emotions, attention and
inhibition of our impulses. Dr. Vincent Matthews from Indiana University says, “Behavioral
studies have shown an increase in aggressive behavior after violent video games” (Park, Alice).
Studies show that playing video games can change how our brains perform, and even their
structure. Not only are violent video games harmful to the human brain, they can also be
addictive. This kind of addiction is called "Internet gaming disorder." Researchers have found
functional and structural changes in the neural reward system in gaming addicts, in part by
exposing them to gaming cues that cause cravings and monitoring their neural responses. These
neural changes are basically the same as those seen in other addictive disorders (Frontiers, 2011).
Moreover, game designers who make violent video games, don’t care to put violence into
the video games they create. I believe that game designers use violence in video games because
it is what attracts the person playing the game. If violent video games attract people, then it will
bring money to the designer. What these video game designers include is fighting, selling drugs,
swearing, gang and even sexual intercourse. All the negative things that are being put into video
Ibarria 3
games shouldn’t be acceptable. Video game designers should have a consideration that there is
still possibilities that young children can play these games with poor parental supervision.
Last but not least, it is important that parents make the change for their child. Parents
should be more awake to the real world and what can happen. If the parent is noticing
aggressiveness towards their child, maybe sticking up and trying to figure out the problem will
change that. Being more involved with their children can allow them to be more aware of what
they do when they aren’t around. Sticking up about violent video games and going to game
stores and speak up on how it shouldn’t be so easy for the parent to buy violent video games they
know nothing about for their children. Staff who work at video game stores, should be able to
give information and warn the buyer about the violence the game contains.
In all, violent video games not only have violence, they reflect the violent society we
already live in today. In my opinion, these games are immature and a waste of time. They are a
distraction from the real world. People and young children are missing out on important things
going on in this world and enjoying their childhood because they’re too busy playing games that
aren’t going to make their future any brighter. People need to stop playing games and get to a
positive life.
Ibarria 4
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