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Driving with a manual transmission
When the car was first introduced, there was no option in transmissions, there was only one choice being a manual. Since then, the development of the semi-automatic then the fully automatic transmission came to fruition. From there on and after, there has been a steady decline in the amount of individuals in the United States that know how to or generally drive a car with a manual transmission. The art of driving a car and “being one with the car” has been lost throughout this process. However, driving a manual transmission ultimately leads to driving safer with a decrease in distracted driving, a better understanding of the functions of a car, and the increased control to the driver.
In today’s modern society, it is uncommon for many individuals to service their car on their own. Many people do not understand the basics of how a car actually works and why it works the way it does. In any car there is a transmission that is used to change the gears and control the amount of stress or work the engine has to do by changing gears. Driving a manual transmission gives many individuals more knowledge into the operations of a car and what happens “under the hood.” With a better understanding of the car leads to a better appreciation for the functions of a car and how complex it actually is. Driving is not mearly just gas and break or stopping and going, it is stopping, accelerating, shifting, accelerating, shifting, cruising, slowing down, downshifting, stopping and the process will go on and on changing and adapting to each situation differently. Driving a manual transmission gives more insight into the understanding of a car and its many functions and processes it must go through on a constant basis.
Because of the evolution of cell phones and personal electronic devices, there is seen to be a large amount of distracted driving. Law makers and officials keep trying to solve the problem; however, no matter how many laws are put in place to prevent distracted driving, it ultimately still occurs. Driving a car with a manual transmission helps to lessen the problem of distracted driving. Because the driver is in a constant active engagement of shifting the gears themselves and using b...


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