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Marsha Blackburn’s Campaign Ad Analysis
When you first think about ads, the first thing that comes to mind is how many are seen every day. An ad is a basic video, commercial or picture of advertisement that lures certain people to buy that product, support a certain company, or vote for a certain candidate. For this additional social media ad, I chose to talk about the ad for Marsha Blackburn running for US Senate. This Political Advertisement called, “Crisis | Marsha Blackburn for US Senate”, posted from YouTube, was in support of Blackburn running in the election. These political advertisements put in a lot of time and effort to make an effective ad that supports the candidate. In this video, it is mainly Marsha Blackburn herself speaking on behalf of a crisis she feels strongly about and not only wants to help it herself, but everyone who is voting for her as well. Comment by Nisa Zuberi: i really like how you started the paragraph, it was intresting and a good enterance.
In this specific ad campaign, the purpose of them is persuade certain political parties to vote for one side or the other. However, they could also serve the purpose of informing the audience of more information about the candidates who are running. Whether one ad was to promote one side, or one ad was used to show the other sides negatives. Either way, ad campaigns are widely used throughout our daily lives, and we may not always realize it. For example, people on Facebook may see many ads that pop up on their feed, but they see so many of them they automatically just swipe through it. These advertisements could even range from political campaigns, to companies trying to advertise their products. They are so commonly shown on all of our social media, that we have almost became immune to them without even realizing it. Comment by Nisa Zuberi: maybe you can talk about how it may be hard to politically influence someones ideas Comment by Nisa Zuberi: you can talk about how advertisements can influence someones opinions without anyone knowing
To summarize the message of this ad, Marsha opens up about talking about how heartbreaking it is to hear how many deaths have occurred due to opioids and other drugs. She also mentions how she not only wants to work with one party, but both parties to solve this crisis. She is looking to persuade people who have yet to decide who they are voting for, or even people who have their set candidate. I believe that Marsha is mainly targeting the people who have been involved or even affected by this huge crisis. If she shows how much positive she can do for it, they would be more persuaded to vote for her, knowing that she could possibly stop this from those affected and those who are young that have the possibility to be. Marsha even states that she is willing to provide one million dollars to go towards treatment for veterans and enhance the criminal penalty if ever caught with opioids. Many families...

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