Argumentative Essay: Fahrenheit 451 And The Crucible Bridgeport Military Academy English 11 Essay Argumentative

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Argumentative Essay
Fahrenheit 451
English 11
Mrs. Lametta
Argumentative Essay: Fahrenheit 451 and The Crucible
Essay Topic: Which has more power – knowledge or ignorance? Explain.
Directions: You will write a 3-5-page argumentative essay that develops three logical
claims supported by evidence from both Fahrenheit 451 and The Crucible, in addition to one
counterclaim. Each claim can be developed in more than one paragraph since you are NOT
writing a 5-paragraph essay; instead, you are developing a 3-5-page argumentative essay
that is detailed, accurate, scholarly, and well-written. Thus, your essay must be formatted
as such:
→ Introduction: Your introduction should do the following:
o Introduce and define (in either your own words, research information, or
both) knowledge and ignorance.
o After introducing and defining each, explain, in your own words, which has
more power and why – briefly explain why the other does not have as much
power (this will be your thesis).
o You may then want to introduce Fahrenheit 451 and The Crucible by briefly
summarizing each text and how they connect to your thesis.
o Briefly introduce your three claims – don't introduce your counterclaim.
→ Body Paragraphs: In academic papers, you may develop each of your claims in as
many paragraphs as it takes to fully explain and support your points.
o Each claim must be valid and accurately support your thesis.
o Each claim must be explained in as much detail as possible.
o Use both Fahrenheit 451 and The Crucible to support each claim. You MUST
use your sources to support EACH CLAIM.
o Your counterclaim should come right before your...

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