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Everyone feels devastated hearing news about someone’s death. People die every day some from natural causes like diseases, some die from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and some die in the most unacceptable poor way. Which is by the hands of people who are believed to be the ones who catch the criminals, not the ones who commit the crimes and these misconducts have a bigger impact on the world than many people can imagine. Police brutality has been going on forever and has only recently been a bigger issue due to videos of crimes committed by cops. Police brutality is not beneficial to society because police brutality will increase, society will trust police less, and it will increase racism.
Many people deal with police brutality daily, whether somebody was at fault or not and it is increasing. Nevertheless, it should not have to be a daily thing. Police officers rarely get charged for their wrongdoings and rarely must pay their victims and they continue knowing they will not get in trouble because they are part of the law. It has been shown that “On a national level, upwards of 95 percent of police misconduct cases referred for federal prosecution are declined by prosecutors” (Kristian). This is one reason why police officers are continuing with their misconducts because they know they would not get charged and their federal officials will not reprimand them. They have no consequences for their actions and feel power knowing that they can get away with their crimes and these deaths show that the police do not really have any feelings for the victims and their families. Another reason they continue with their abuse is that “Those officers who are found guilty of brutality typically find the settlement to their victims paid from city taxpayers. Research from Human Rights Watch reveals that in some places, taxpayers “are paying three times for officers who repeatedly commit abuses” (Kristian). This shows that while some police officers do have to pay for their crimes most of them do not. This leads to the police officers feeling inferior because they do not have to pay for their crimes. Police officers know that not paying is a crime because they are legally liable to pay when they are told to, but they don’t. Instead, they have the tax office pay for their crimes. These police officers do not believe that their victims are even worth enough for some money that should have to come from their pockets. They feel entitled and do not feel remorse for their actions.
Police brutality is one of the reasons why racism is increasing. When we watch TV and see the news of police brutality and the reasons why it causes them to stray away from the cops. “More than 1,000 people were killed by police in 2014 and 2015 was no different. An astounding record 1,205 people were killed by American police and in 2016 at least 164 had been killed in the first two mont...


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