Arguments To Eliminate Trump's Travel Ban Rio Lindo Adventist Academy Research Paper

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Zeno Yu Comment by Bruce Yingling: Excellent work! There is one problem that I did not deduct from. Many of your argument, including the introduction examples applied to the original ban but not to the modified ones since then.
Professor Bruce Yingling
Senior English
Dec 10, 2017
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Arguments to Eliminate the Trump Travel Ban
Nashwa Al Houssaini, who comes from Syria, said: “‘I have a lot of families that live overseas,’ she said. ‘I have one family member that is trying to get his fiancee over here, and we were gonna have her wedding next month, but it's officially been canceled’” (These are the faces of Trump's ban, 2017). It seems that this policy which is called Trump Travel Ban had gave her some horrible troubles. At the time this ban was just issued, citizens separated themselves into two groups and stood up for their perspectives on this issue. It is a truth that Trump Travel Ban is an effective policy for protecting the United States’ safety. But speaking objectively, Trump Travel Ban should not be written into the United States’ immigration law because it has affected a huge amount of people in negative ways. Here is another example, Babak Seradjeh, a 39-year-old Iranian, is an associate professor of physics at Indiana University. And he has dual citizenship -- Iran and Canada. Once, he was planning to fly to Tel Aviv on Saturday to meet with his research partner, Eytan Grosfeld, a professor at Ben-Gurion University. Talking about real personal experience, he said:
‘I flew to Newark for my connection, but with all the news of people -- including green card holders and dual nationals -- being turned away, I decided not to take the rest of my trip. This effectively suspends my research trip until further notice. This research is funded partly through the National Science Foundation. It is unclear to me how or when I can take this trip or what other effects the executive order will have on my work’ (These are the faces of Trump's ban, 2017).
Day by day, more and more people have been affected by this policy. It is obvious for people to see that the Trump travel ban restricting entry into the United States for citizens from select Muslim countries is not only unconstitutional because it targets a specific religion but also unwise.
Some of the people must still confused about what is Trump Travel Ban. Just as its name implies, Trump Travel Ban, which can also be called Trump Muslim Ban, is the colloquial name for actions U.S. President Donald Trump issued in 2017 to restrict entry into the United States. “The actions included two executive orders for restrictions on citizens of seven or six predominantly Muslim countries, such as North Korea, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Chad, and Venezuela” (Trump travel ban, 2017). On January 27, 2017, to protect the safety of the United States, President Donald Trump signed this excitatory order. But unfortunately, “the backlash of this policy is global. Hundreds of people showed up...


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