Aristotle Vs. Plato Essay

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PLATO VS. ARISTOTLE Dialectical & maieutic Organic systematization, distinction of themes and problems according to their nature and differ- ing methods of resolution Faith/religious based arguments Rigorous, theoretical logos based arguments Used mysticism in philosophy Philosophy based on concrete things of exper- ience Speculative interests Speculative interests and empirical interests employing anthropology Use of mathematical calculation Less math, more empirical methodology. Collecting & classifying specimens Inflexible arguments, lacking aporia Fluid arguments which institutionalized aporia CONCEPTS PLATO VS. ARISTOTLE Idea- external pattern to copy Form- internal urge for one to follow .Exterior causation Self-sufficiency Active god- the designer of Passive god- mover the world's pattern of the world's form PLATO VS. ARISTOTLE God as a personal guide God as an impersonal stimulus Transcended principle of ...view middle of the document...

e. the Kallipolis.ARISTOTLE: Justice is the mean between gain and loss. Justice as the lawful (universal) and justice as the fair and equal (particular). Particular justice consists of distributive (pertains to honor and wealth) and rectificatory (pertains to contracts/transactions) justice. Justice is the supreme ethical virtue.HAPPINESS - Eudaimonia PLATO: Complete manifestation of virtues (wisdom, courage, moderation and most importantly, justice).ARISTOTLE: - well being through well doing. Happiness is active. One does not receive it but achieves it. It is achieved through the mean.GOOD - Agathon PLATO: Divides good into three categories; one which is inherently pleasurable (joy), another that is inherently pleasurable and produces pleasure (health) and one which produces benefits but is difficult to obtain (medical treatment, physical training).ARISTOTLE: "That which all things aim". The good of man is that which consists in work peculiar to him. The good of each thing consists in the function that is peculiar to each thing. Goods are in relation to function. Mans highest good is happiness (well being) sought through honor. True goods are spiritual which create excellence (arete) of the soul.WISDOM - Phronimos PLATO: Knowing you do not know. Rationale and reason.ARISTOTLE: Intellectual - practical wisdom; concerns the right conduct of humans toward virtuous goals, and philosophic wisdom; understanding. Moral wisdom - liberality and temperance.ARISTOTLE'S VIRTUES Gentleness is the mean between irascibility and lack of feeling; Courage is the mean between foolhardiness and cowardice; Modesty is the mean between shamelessness and shyness; Temperance is the mean between intemperance and insensibility; Indignation is the mean between envy and the opposed excess that has no name; Justice is the mean between gain and loss; Liberality is the mean between lavishness and meanness; Sincerity is the mean between boastfulness and self-depreciation; Friendliness is the mean between adulation and hostility; Dignity is the mean between servility and stubbornness; Greatness of spirit is the mean between vanity and meanness of spirit; Magnificence is the mean between extravagance and pettiness.

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