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Art Essay

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Four Ex's on Art Meaning of title While working on my class presentation for the Humanities project, I was faced with the difficult task of explaining art, I named it "Four Ex's on Art" because of the explanations, experiences, expressions, and examples, I used to create the following essay.After being raised by the views of someone else, is it possible to change the way we perceive our world? Humanities are about the production and learning of human expressions and experiences; while arts are about the forms and skills used to express human experiences. The word art is derived from the Latin word ars, which means skill, but we understand art as the beautiful creation of human expression. ...view middle of the document...

A true artist starts a project without expecting success. By doing this they protect themselves from losing their self-confidence by means of failure. Building a masterpiece can take many years to complete. However, the thought of losing a lifetime on their masterpiece is nothing compared to the fact that their accomplishment will last forever in the eyes of the audience. By expressing their view of the world in a piece of art; they are accomplishing a lot more than creating a work of art, they are creating a whole new world, and as we the audience become more and more involved in the understanding of that world, we ourselves inherit a part of the artists views, thus making us more creative, and the artist more invincible through time.Art is something that is valued all over the world by many different cultures throughout history, and as we journey into the age of technology, I fear that the value of art might be lost in the eyes of our future generation; for example, a lot of the kids from my generation learned to understand expression as a form of rebelling against society, and instead of going to museums or art galleries; they go out to raves and parties to get high on new age drugs, that are capable of making their spine look like the McDonald's arches. All humans have an overwhelming need for freedom, but not everybody knows, or even cares about the right way of gaining freedom; someone can either feel the freedom of not being a part of their society, by breaking all the rules of society, or they can get freedom from the fact that they can accomplish something that not very many people can, like having the ability to create a realistic statue with their bare hands; or something that is considered incredible or next to impossible by their society. I believe the best way to create a manageable future for our children, is to teach them by using the teaching techniques explained in Earl Shorris's essay, "On the uses of a liberal education," and help them understand that we as humans have to make a huge choice; we can either express our feelings towards life by breaking all the rules that we as a society have created, or we can do something that requires the knowledge and skill of self expression; it all comes down to the difference between expression of carelessness, or skill, and maybe some day everyone will realize that expression requires the skill of facing your problems, not running away from them, only then will they understand that life's problems are not that hard to figure out; but until then each of us should do our part to make sure our children take the right path of human expression and understanding.Today's world is so geared towards financial success, that most people do not understand the true meaning of wealth, and believe it or not this has a devastating effect on the value of our self-expression, take music for example; it was about six years ago when I really got into music, my favorite music at that time was through the...

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