Art And Christology - The Portrayal Of Jesus In Contemporary Art - Senior - Essay

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KEY IDEA 1: God and Revelation Students explore God’s self-revelation in Jesus Christ.
KEY IDEA 2: Being Human Students respond to the idea that humanity is made in the image of God and grounded in God’s love, and explore various themes.
6.1: Examines different revelations of the sacred in various religious traditions and some key Catholic beliefs about God.
6.2: Explores practical implications of what it means to be fully human in such areas as relationship, sexuality and spirituality, and explains how this is linked to religious identity.
KEY IDEA 6: Moral Decision Making Students appreciate how the process of informing one’s conscience enables individuals to exercise authentic representations of Jesus.
6.6: Researches and evaluates the tradition of Catholicism regarding the primacy and formation of conscience for authentic expression within a culture.
KEY IDEA 12: Religious Traditions Students investigate beliefs, rituals and culture in diverse religious traditions and demonstrate an appreciation of their own tradition and respect for other religious traditions.
6.12: Investigates the beliefs, teachings and practices of another religious tradition and discusses the Catholic viewpoint in other traditions.
Throughout the ages societies and cultures have expressed their understanding and image of Jesus Christ in particular ways. Writing is only one form. We also have a rich catalogue of presentations through art works. In this task, you will be expected to use your knowledge and understanding of the ‘Christ-figure’ and critically reflect upon the images that depict the religious beliefs and cultural understanding of a society. As a guide, you will be following a standard procedure for analysing an art piece.
Execution of Christ in a revolutionary country
This art piece is in the form of sculptures/statues in a gallery. They are bronze, single toned, realistic sculptures. They hold defining lines to show facial features, and folds in clothing. In this image, Jesus is pictured as a modern day revolutionary, confronted by an armed executioner squad, guns pointed at his head. With only one member of the group holding his weapon away from Jesus, and completely turning his body to face the other way. Jesus is dressed in only a rag around his waist, whereas the executioner squad are dressed in full official uniform. His arms are held low, and close to his body; signifying he is reasoning with the group in a politically correct, and soft manner. The group are broad shouldered and holding their weapons firmly and tensely. The man behind the group represents an unsettled ‘sheep’ who is following the pact, but cannot go through with the task at hand. It can be infer...

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