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10 September, 2018
Reflective Essay: Dale Chihuly: Glassman
Dale Chihuly was widely known for his masterpieces and his satisfying glassworks. His art work displayed vibrant colors, exotic, odd shapes. He lived a memorable and outlandish lifestyle. He was remembered for having such a character, he displayed himself different from anyone else. Chihuly displayed creative glasswork that inspired and awed the world. He embraced the colors of the wheel and displayed them physically with glass. He turned liquid into something that keeps you on your toes.
Chihuly has been marked as a visionary for his remarkable transformation of glass blowing of the course of his 40 year career. Dale is a visionary of light, form and color. Dale’s Seattle based studio called “Hot Shop” is where you can see demonstration of his vision being turned into something exotic. One of his famous piece can be found in Las Vegas in the lobby of the Bellagio. Dale got into an accident in 1976 that caused glass that blinded his left eye. He then went and created a team where he conducted everything and choreographed his artwork.
Despite with what he went through, all of his pieces are created through his mind and his vision. When he creates his art, he goes to the site do investigation to see how the artw...


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