Art Review: Undergraduate Homecoming Exhibit Understanding The Visual Of Arts Assignment

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Talana Butler
Veronica Richardson
October 19, 2017
I recently attended an Art Exhibition at Southern University in Frank Hayden Hall on October 5, 2017 It was the 9th Annual Homecoming Art Exhibition. This Exhibit stood out better than the last one I attended in September. I could understand the alumni works better than the reclaimed and reconstitution from New Orleans. The story of all the artwork to me was “speak for someone who can’t.” Our generation is a total different breath from the others who have before us. This Art Exhibit opened my eyes to a lot of this going on around me that I can change, and maybe influence others to change as well.
All of the artwork in the gallery was unique and beautiful. The work on the wall was laid out exactly how the story was being told around the room. Before attending Southern University, I have never thought about going to an Art Exhibition, but my professor said, “You can’t know Art, if you never experienced it.” As I walked around the room, I made sure that I gave every artwork a chance to speak to me so I can understand exactly what the artist was trying to say with a brush or pencil. No, all the artwork was not done in pencil nor brush, but the two that wasn’t really stood out in the room because they were so different and you can tell that a person with a very broad and unique imagination took time on the work.
The three artworks that was my favorite: “Am I Next” by Krystal Blackwell, colored pencil on black foam board. “I don’t want to be next” by Antonie “GHOST” Mitchell, acrylic on canvas. “Gone but Not Forgotten” by Rev. Dr. Claude L White Sr. These pieces mean so much to me in all different kind of ways. In order, the first piece scared me not just for myself, but for the people of my country. Yes, we have the right to freedom of speech, but it is really freedom of speech when the right things you may say can hold up to consequences because it’s the wrong thing to say for someone else actions. The second piece made me afraid for the generation coming after me. Children are very intelligent persons because they see what others may call staring, but they truly notice what takes place around them. The last piece is very sad because may this was the artist’s father, or maybe just a man who use to sit outside that he seen everyday, and that one day that he didn’t see him was the day that this image that he painted would always be in his head.
The Art Exhibition was wonderful and very unique. In my opinion, Art cannot just be anything, but it is unique and intelligent imagination from others that can only be understood on canvas, paper, foam board, or even a skateboard like the one that was in the gallery. The only suggestion is expanding the story and understanding of what you’re trying to tell others and our generation. A lot of great things are being told on the campus of Southern University, but that’s just SU. Our African American nation need to be aware for them to have the right to understand.


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