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Course: BSc Psychology with Counselling and Psychotherapy
Level: 4
Unit: Counselling and Psychotherapy I
Unit Code: 2F4Z0015
Weighting: 50%
Assessed Coursework: Critical Essay
Word Length: 2500 words
Discuss a key issue in mental health related to psychotherapeutic work. The essay should include a reflective account documenting development throughout the unit and the coursework completion.
Further Guidance
You must choose one of the four essay titles below.
1. Outline and discuss the current frameworks that structure counselling and psychotherapy.
2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of clinical diagnosis in counselling and psychotherapy practice.
3. Explain why social justice is a relevant issue for counselling and psychotherapy practice.
4. Explain what is meant by “boundaries” in the counselling relationship. Discuss why they are important to client and counsellor.
The first part of the essay (addressing one of the above questions) should be around 1500 words and the second part of the essay (the reflective account) should be around 1000 words. You must not exceed the 2500-word limit for the entire essay.
Support with your Coursework
There are timetabled sessions throughout term 1 which support you with this piece of coursework. The dates can be found in the teaching schedule for Term 1. Attendance at support sessions is strongly advised. Detailed guidance, resources and PowerPoint presentations will be available on Moodle. Unit staff will also be available during office hours to discuss your ideas. Please check the Undergraduate Moodle site for details of staff office hours.
To help you prepare for the essay and to help staff assess your learning prior to the completion of the summative assessment task, you will need to take part in a literature searching and essay planning activity described in the paragraph below.
Formative Assessment
Prior to the writing of the essay, students will be assessed on their ability to gather appropriate literature relevant to their essay question.
· Please see the teaching schedule for dates of the literature searching and essay planning workshops.
· There will be an opportunity to obtain feedback on your literature searching task and your essay plan.
· Once again you are strongly advised to attend coursework support sessions. You will not receive a mark for your formative assessment.
Submitting Your Essay
Information about submitting your essay can be found on the unit Moodle page under the heading ‘ASSESSMENT’.
There is a Turnitin practice area on Moodle for each unit. You must put your work into Turnitin here in order to check the originality report prior to submitting your work to be marked and you must complete a declaration confirming that this has been done for all work that you submit to be marked.
The declaration cover sheet can be found on the Undergraduate Psychology Programme Moodle page.
Information about plagiarism and the details of the declaration, are to be found in the Programme...

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