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Geography and History of the World Name: Louden Sundling___________________________________
Unit 8 - Global Change
“Turning Up the Heat”
Directions: Read the Upfront article on Canvas and answer the questions below in complete sentences )unless instructed otherwise).
1. Why do many scientists fear that time is running out for addressing climate change?
Scientists fear that time is running out because it is said that another 15 years of failure to limit carbon emissions will cause the problem of climate change to be virtually impossible to stop.
2. What effects of climate change has the American Association for the Advancement of Science predicted?
The A.A.A.S. has predicted that there will be earlier springs, rising sea levels, different patterns of rain and drought, harsher heat waves, and extreme precipitation.
3. What percent of Americans do not believe in climate change? __23 percent____________
a. Why do you think this number has rose in the past year?
This number has rose because in the past year it has been relatively cold and also the weather has stayed the same and there has been no drastic measures.
4. The most prevalent greenhouse gas is _______Carbon dioxide___________________.
5. According to scientists, what do greenhouse gases do?
Greenhouse gases are gases that let sunlight through, but they prevent some of the resulting heat from radiating back to outer space.
6. Since the 1800s, Earth’s average temperature has increased by ____________1.4 degrees__________.
7. By how much do scientists believe sea levels could rise to? ______3 feet or more____________
a. Why are they rising? Why is it bad if they do rise?
They are rising because planetary warming is causing the polar ice sheets to melt. This is bad if they rise some places that are on the shoreline of oceans could be take under by the water.
8. How does global warming effect food supply?
In some places the rising temperatures will make it easier for them to grow crops, but on a global scale, rising temperatures will make it harder to grow crops like corn and wheat.
9. What two US companies have begun supporting efforts to combat climate change? ______________Coca Cola and Nike___________________
a. What non-environmental reasons have caused them to start doing this?
With Nike the climate change has caused there to be extreme weather which in return disrupts their industry and supply chain. In 2008, 4 Nike factories in Thailand were shut down due to floods. Coca Cola has been affected by climate change in terms of that the global droughts have dried...

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