Article By Thomas Sowell " Afrocentric Escapism"

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Determining an author's point of view. State the author's point of view. Give your evidence. State your point of view. Give your evidence. Explain the authors bias. In this essay I will be examining the views and bias of Thomas Sowell in Afrocentric Escapism. The author's piont of view will be discussed along with evidence to support. By the end of this essay the author's bias will have been explained. Also my point of view will be stated with evidence to support. I feel afrocentric education is used to enlighten and educate African-Americans.In reading Afrocentric Escapism by Thomas Sowell, I find that he views afrocentric education as a scapegoat for black americans. The author expresses this by making a comparison with Irish Americans interest in Ireland. Quoting Daniel Patrick Moynihan's writings on earlier generati ...view middle of the document...

" The author goes on to explain how the countercultural media has adopted blacks as mascots to symbolize their own alienation from western civilization. He also believes afrocentric education is an identity craze pumped up by the media. The author goes on to state historical facts regarding slavery and the slave trade.He then began to explain the tie between African Americans and Jews. By stating African Americans blame the Jews forslavery. He went on to explain how virtually every group people had slaves themselves, including the Jews. However he expains how Jews played an insignificant role in slavery in the United States. Due to the fact that the ancestors of the jews today began arriving in this country 20 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Also he states how most Jews were primarily urban people, not plantation owners. The author then concludes by restating his view of history as a distraction to preparing for the future.I feel as though knowing your past helps you better understand the present and prepare for the future. For example, understanding slavery and the treatment of African Americans until a few decades ago . Helps you better understand the discrimination and prejudices that Black Americans face today. Because African Americans have been deeply oppressed a great deal of their history and traditions have been lost. So I dont not think it is a waste of time to learn who you are and where you come from. It is very important for people to know their identity and where they belong in society.When reading this composition my first thought was this author had a bias towards African Americans. After reading it a second time, I see the author as being very bias toward history. The author sees history as a waste of time. He feels focusing on the past doesn't prepare you for the future. He thinks a person shouldn't be distracted by things they can't change, but be more focused on the ever changing technological world we live in today.



712 words - 3 pages gives the readers a bunch of examples of famous writings which are divided in a way to describe that Afrocentric literature is affected when changes its location. It shows that it matter how a text nature is, how it is presented, how it has own direction, its own language structure and its own attitude of presentation. These examples lay the foundation of what he proves in later part of his article that the location of the text is described by

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1653 words - 7 pages . Online. EBSCOhost. 20 Mar 2002.Sharnouby, Mahmoud. Street Vendor. Self Employed. Personal Interview. 24 Mar. 2002.Sowell, Thomas. "The wealth of poor nations." Human Events 56(12/22/2000): 16.Academic Search Elite. Online. EBSCOhost. 25 Mar. 2002.

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